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adult dating

  1. Lina Le

    Buying Traffic In-house Dating Smartlink by Vortex: get +3% bonus to your payout

    Exciting Announcement! :) Vortex is launching a limited-time promotion for our In-House Dating Smartlink, available until July 15th! Don't miss out on the incredible benefits it offers! Here's why you should join: Real-time optimization by our analytics department; Global Coverage; May's...
  2. parveenk2013

    Adult CPA journey, switching from banner display to Push ads.

    Hello everyone. I started my affiliate marketing journey this year with adult dating CPA campaigns. I've been running dating ads from January using banners through TrafficFactory, ExoClick, TrafficStars and TrafficJunky. I make banners and run them on top positions in different geos, I have...
  3. parveenk2013

    Problem with scaling Adult Dating DOI offers, Looking for advices.

    Hello everyone. I want to share my journey with adult CPA campaigns and what issues I'm facing now. After 2 years of break from any online business, I started working in Jan 2021 (tried a few campaigns in between but wasn't consistent with them). I had promoted some cpa offers in past as well...
  4. Adverteraff

    Ask Me Anything Adverteraff we need affiliate

    Hello guys we have affiliate network and we need affiliates with good traffic quality, we have offers with different categories like Dating, Adult, Gambling, Mainstream and Cams. Thank you!
  5. Julius Artemiev

    Network Wanted Looking for BestAdult Dating Smartlink network

    Looking for Best payout Adult Dating Smartlink network with best support for my social traffics. Like POF, MEETME, SEXTFUN, TIKTOK
  6. Adyoco Team

    Official - Advertise Your Content is an international affiliate network located in Germany with exclusive and direct offers from the most popular brands across the top earning verticals for almost every country! Find perfect offers for your target group in our marketplace of over 1000+ affiliate programs and take...
  7. parveenk2013

    Need Help In Scaling Up An Adult Dating Campaign

    Hello everyone, I'm kinda new to affiliate marketing and I want to share the data of a campaign I started this month and I'm looking for suggestions. After some research, I started a campaign on 16th May. I created 7 banners and 3 LPs to get started. Offer: Adult Dating DOI, Payout: $5...
  8. Trellian DSN

    Official Adult Dating Traffic Available!

    Are you in search of premium adult dating traffic? Trellian Direct Search Network has a high volume of adult domain redirect traffic available using either keyword or RON campaigns. We offer cost effective and competitive prices on a PPV (pay-per-visit) basis using our auction based platform...
  9. Affmy

    Affiliates Wanted +10% Singles Day 11.11 Rate Increase

    Hey-hey, On November, 11 AFFMY celebrates Singles Day, one of the most popular holidays in Asia! Your adult products sales will rocket up! Earn more with +10% rate increase on our exclusive in-house Asian CPL offer! Ping our Support & Increase your CTR and CR with our special...
  10. Affmy

    Announcement 20% rate boost for new In-House dating offer!

    Hey guys, New high-converting Exclusive dating offer LOOKADATE is launched! TOP 6 REASONS TO RUN LOOKADATE • Unique exclusive offer • New dating your users have never seen • Amazing CR & EPC • Increased payouts & unlimited caps •...
  11. omer rabinovich

    Looking for Adult Direct offers only ( no affiliate networks)

    hi looking only for adult dating direct offers if you're an affiliate network please dont contact me thanks
  12. mrkelles

    Newbie To Adult Dating...What Do I Need To Know?

    Hi guys I'm new here. it's such a great platform. Hope to hear from you.
  13. Fapohunda Olufemi John

    [REQ] Any Network That offers DATING OFFER For Africa?

    As the subject implies, I am looking for exclusive Dating offer for African/Africa. I have been searching through but couldn't find up till now. The criteria I'm looking for is -Dating/Adult offer -CPL/CPI -NET 15 or below -Payonner/Skrill I do not mind if I get a direct advertiser for this...
  14. F

    Network Wanted Looking for adult affiliate network

    Any affiliate that accepts clean chat traffic for adult dating or casual dating offers? Thanks.
  15. MillerMedCash

    Need to monetize adult traffic??? We should talk!

    Hi Everyone, With over 10 years experience in the adult industry, I come to you with the ultimate solution to monetize your porn traffic, MedCash. We're a lean affiliate network looking to generate our partners the highest EPC possible. Get in touch and I'll be glad to share more! Chris...
  16. hamid

    CTR On Banner`s

    Hey Guyz I am promoting adults ads on traffichaus . i think i am getting very low CTR on my banners . have a look . how much ctr are you guyz gets on your banners ?
  17. A

    ADJOMO helps to earn more with WW mobile traffic!

    Hello all members of Affiliatefix! We have been working for years in mobile marketing industry and hope we can share our expertise to all members of the community. It is great to be at the place full of enthusiastic and dedicated people with similar goals and shared interests. Good luck to...
  18. anandbernard

    Suggest the best adult affiliate network?

    What's the best adult affiliate network to promote CPA campaigns.
  19. K

    Affiliate Networks (adult dating offers)

    Hi can you recommend me affiliate networks that is newbie friendly. And has lots of adult dating offers or casual dating offers. Thank you.
  20. mouyanali

    My First Experience With Pop Up Ads

    Hay Every One i am almost new in CPA , first time i advertise my CPA offer (crakrevenue, Adult) offers with Pop Up Ads and it's success fully for me. Invest : 3$ In return i got 4.63$