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  1. Affiliateaspirant

    Adult CPA Marketers Reunite

    Hello All Affiliate Marketers working in adult Dating niche. Can we come across altogether here? We can share knowledge and help each other making more money?? May be privately on Skype?
  2. ishop6dotnet

    censored countries

    Hi can someone get me the correct answers about censored / blocked countries. what countries has blocked/censored porn / adult webcam sites. So i know so i dont need to waste my money on countries that have blocked and censored porn Thank you
  3. reisdoporno

    Ask Me Anything Share your video - new adult content trafficking website

    En- Hello, my name is Kleber, I recently created the ReisdoPorno, a site for webmasters to share their videos for free, you can share 1,000 daily links per domain. If interested: Br - Olá, me chamo Kleber, recentemente criei o ReisdoPorno, um site para webmasters poderem...
  4. juicyjay

    Founder and CEO of JuicyAds .. nice to meet you.

    Hello everyone. I'm new here to AffiliateFix and introducing myself all polite-like. For those of you familiar with JuicyAds, hello! For those of you who may not have heard of us, we are a leading entertainment based Advertising Network specializing in adult websites. Our advertisers...