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  1. reisdoporno

    Ask Me Anything Share your video - new adult content trafficking website

    En- Hello, my name is Kleber, I recently created the ReisdoPorno, a site for webmasters to share their videos for free, you can share 1,000 daily links per domain. If interested: Br - Olá, me chamo Kleber, recentemente criei o ReisdoPorno, um site para webmasters poderem...
  2. juicyjay

    Founder and CEO of JuicyAds .. nice to meet you.

    Hello everyone. I'm new here to AffiliateFix and introducing myself all polite-like. For those of you familiar with JuicyAds, hello! For those of you who may not have heard of us, we are a leading entertainment based Advertising Network specializing in adult websites. Our advertisers...