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  1. charlessjohnson

    Where to Join Affiliate Programs for Adult Niche

    Hi, just wondering where can i join to be an affiliate for adult niche?
  2. Tatyana_ClickAdilla

    Affiliate Adult Traffic in Adult Advertising Network

    In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the realm of adult advertising, explore what adult advertising networks entail, and uncover the secrets to success in this dynamic vertical. In the world of digital advertising, adult advertising has emerged as a thriving industry, offering unique...
  3. Tatyana_ClickAdilla

    Official Quality Adult Traffic for your website and affiliate advertising networks

    For some, adult traffic content is a way to relax, for others porn is a way to make money. It is a vast industry worth up to $100 billion. Adult websites attract a large number of visitors. Today we will share with you the features of how to run adult advertising campaigns and get quality adult...
  4. lilkrito

    Paid Traffic For Adult Affiliate Links !?

    Hi Affliatefix Community I have 25$ in my pocket, and I'm asking if it is worth making paid cam or date offers ads or not, I'm using crakrevenue offers, and if it is worth what is the best place for ads and a guide for it? Best Regards Lilkritoo
  5. travissimons

    Looking for the best ways to get traffic to my S*x Shop Website

    Hello I'm looking for the best way to get traffic to my new S*x Shop Website. I know I can't advertise in facebook ads and Instagram ads , and some other social networks. Google ads seems veery expensive for me. Any suggestions for some ways to promote my s*x shop website without spend a...
  6. funkywithans

    When To Say, "Fk It", and Kill A Dud Campaign?

    Hey community, I was wondering what your guys' take is on this. After how many click and no conversions do you say, "fk it", call it a dud campaign, and kill it all together? I mean, if you get no conversions after a certain amount of money spent? No conversions after a certain amount of...
  7. Mishuk

    what is the best Dating smartlink network?

    Hi, I'm searching a great dating smartlink network. I have all Geo's traffic. Please suggest me.Thanks
  8. VivaClicks

    Adult search traffic for sale by CPM

    Hi there! I'm ready to sell adult search traffic from porn tubes. - banner 300x100 / 300x250 - more than 200M page views per day - Webmoney, PayPal, Capitalist. - Min deposit $100 - Geo: India, USA, Indonesia, Vietnam. Would like to earn with your offers? Please contact with me by...
  9. A

    Have anybody worked with Adnium platform?

    Hey guys! I am about to start launching my own campaigns on Adnium platform. Is anybody working with it to share some experience or some cases? Many thanks in advance
  10. shernell

    Hello People

    Hi, My name is Shernell and I take care of the Business development for APAC division for Traffic Junky. TrafficJunky is an online advertising network that supports the Pornhub Network. Pornhub is the number one Adult website in the world. The Pornhub Network receives over 100 million unique...
  11. Fullest

    Looking JV in adult

    Hi guys. I have Fully Verified Ph, Xvid, Xham, RT, YP accounts and looking to JV with someone. # Accounts Include: - Fully verified accounts - Fully changeable location (unlimited amount of times), title, description and other info without ghosting/ban. # Benefits: - Increased durability...
  12. Evelyn

    The Only Native Ads Guide You Need!

    We’ve written the Native Ads Guide to end all native ads guides! So, if you still haven’t started with Native Ads yet, or you want to scale up your native ads campaigns, you’re in the right place. In this guide you’ll find: an overview of Native Ads and their benefits, a step-by-step tutorial...
  13. Evelyn

    Announcement TrafficStars Takes Action To Eradicate Blind Clicks From Native Advertising

    We've been working hard recently and further adapting to Google's ad standards and do everything we can to help publishers and advertisers stay compliant. We're really proud to have eliminated blind clicks on Native Ads - something which no other ad network has done. Even though we only...
  14. emonalam

    Where should I buy traffic for adult offers With SmartCPA?

    Actually I want to know about adult SmartCPA networks. Are there any add network which have SmartCPA option for adult advertising? Please reply with details or just submit the list of networks.
  15. moniking25

    traffic junky is not giving the best results

    Hi I have some problems with traffic junky when i create new campaign for mobile or desktop i set my daily budget to 100$ and i place my bid for first position (thanks to this transparent network) and yes i am checking bids after every few hours to get the first and second position possible, so...
  16. E

    Ask Me Anything Special VR for Valentine's Day Special!

    This Valentine's Day leave the roses and chocolates to others and celebrate with a new, special scene with Lady Bug (from the male POV) and Carlo Minaldi (from the female POV). Promote it today and increase your incomes with this sexy new scene ! Contact your us at support@firstmobilecash . com...
  17. chervenkov

    Question about pre LP

    Are you using PreLanding pages in your CPL dating offers or just push traffic direct to the offer? Im curious, because I personally think prelander are useless because you can say everything important in banner ad (especially now with new google rules about misleadings ads) and there is no need...
  18. Axel_inferno09

    Review A question regarding adult ad networks.

    Anyone has had successes with adult ad networks like- trafficjunky,exoclick or juicy ads? i have used exoclick in the past- i deposited $200, promoted a good SOI offer (i was earning good with this offer from free traffic)however on exoclick,all money busted up without getting a single...
  19. trancender


    Hi guys, Please write your recommendations for Adult dating offers / networks Personally i have been running with for a while now. I convert really well with me email traffic there. I have tried a few other ones in the past, but the EPC here is perfect. My account manager...
  20. publimobinetwork

    I'm looking for traffic for adult dating Offers

    I'm looking for traffic for offers adult GEO USA AU CA NZ Excellent payment fast conversion and weekly payments talk to me with your expert weekly payments $ 50 USD Minimum Skype Publimobi21 Check resources PubliMobi CPA NETWORK