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ad blockers

  1. T J Tutor

    Ad Block Detectors

    Has anyone tried the ad blocker detector Ad Block Detect? Hoping to get some recommendations on this and any other detectors you may be using.
  2. lordd

    Ad block threatens Affiliates, does it?

    Guys, I am curious about how Ad block may prevent from earning money in this field. Should we really be afraid of it or it is not worth of it?
  3. T J Tutor

    Ad Blockers

    Tim, Today it's reported by many that ad blockers are being used by more than 200MM people. Do you use any technology to prevent the ad blockers from functioning (anti ad blockers)? I long thought that ad blockers are unlawful due to modifying my sites content delivery, do you see ad...
  4. T J Tutor

    Ad Blockers To Reach over 53 Million In The U.S.

    Business Intelligence online magazine reported that last year over 200 million monthly average users worldwide are using ad blockers. 53 million in the U.S. This is expected to double over the next few years. They claim that the U.S. media companies are likely to lose $9.7 billion across digital...