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best affiliate marketing tool kit online
Affkit is awesome tools for different style html and save time! i like that
The best affiliate marketing tool kit online
Not only are the tools worth every single penny, and will save you thousands of dollars in development costs and weeks of time to create, but the support has been amazing and I have received an instant response to my support needs. Definitely the only product worth buying, in my opinion.
Affkit is a great deal, just got this earlier and am so far loving the interface and tools so thank you to K and all of the affiliatefix team. The videos instructions for each of the tools are a great help - making them all very userfriendly.
Affkit is a great deal, doesn`t matter If you are a newbie or an experienced marketer! User interface is completely userfriendly with video instructions next to each tools. About tools, most of the tools I am using on regular basis, especially "back button redirect" and "exit intent pop up".
picked this up earlier so far loving the interface and tools so thank you K and affiliatefix team
If you're lost of how to further increase your ROI on your campaign, affkit is designed for this! Don't drop every possible cent, use affkit today. :D
Any time an Affiliate or friend has come to me looking for additional solutions to enhance their campaigns, I always give a recommendation for Affkit. These set of tools have been around for a while now, building up a solid reputation in our industry and always improving. Give it a try.
Before I even I knew there was a place like AffiliateFIx Forums, I was a subscriber of affkit (Feb. 13, 2014). Heck, I think it as over a month before I realized they both fell under the same umbrella.

At the time, mobile was pretty much unexplored territory and you had to split test a bunch of banners just to get clicks. Loosing campaigns? I had 'em. On a whim, I threw a few of my banners in affkit's Banner Tweaker tool as I was about to throw this mobile marketing thing in the trash.

Now, I know it's clichéd as hell, but sometimes one small change can be the difference between a money bleeder or a money generator. A simple green border, performed by an automatic tool, made all the difference in the world to turn a -$632 loser, into a $2571 winner.

Years, later, I still find myself coming back to affkit when I've run out of ideas. Far too often, we over complicate things when the simple will suffice.
Used the tools since they launch and cant complain 5/5 stars from me
The best affiliate marketing tool kit online
5 Stars.
Affkit has several tools that helped me when I was starting online. From banners to scripts, I was able to squeeze an extra 15% ROI from many campaigns by using Affkit tools.
I wish I had Affkit when I first started... Affkit has all the tools that the pros use all in an easy to use interface.

If you want to be successful in Affiliate Marketing, Affkit needs to be part of your tool kit.
If you're constantly striving to improve your pages (which you should be) then these tools are a no brainer. They'll assist you in pulling the most value out of your traffic and increasing your CTR. Quick, easy and efficient to implement. Super investment. Highly recommended.
Awesome Tools! I've been using and recommending these tools for years now and now the upgraded versions and additional tools added bring incredible value. You will find them to make your funnels and campaigns come alive much quicker and increase performance.
Loved The affkit tools since the beginning. Helps in customisation and optimisation a lot and a the same time saves lot of time. It's a must have affiliate tool kit for every affiliate marketer.
Very useful and time saving toolkit. I personally use some of the scripts and tools it provides and I'm happy that I don't waste my time searching for them on the web. Very recommended!
really cool.
if you want to run successful campaign you have to have affki in your tool box :).
really Cool you will see a massive change in your CTR which means a incredible ROI .
really cool am using it personally :).