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    Visual Basic

    I use Visual Basic to create fake keygens and other software. VB is extremely easy to use, with little effort you can create realistic simple looking programs. I think VB is the easiest programming software out there.
  2. unbel

    Do you buy backlinks?

    Purchasing backlinks is all about quality. DO NOT buy cheap backlinks unless you understand what you are doing. Also, stay away from Fiverr, they do not provide the best quality. Seoclerks and BHW has the best backlinking services in my opinion.
  3. unbel

    Black Hat or White Hat SEO?

    I prefer black hat SEO. Personally I like it because I get fast and easy results. It doesn't take much work. White hat SEO can be frustrating, it's not nearly as easy as black hat SEO. Although, not it is not recommended to use black hat methods if you don't have a basic understanding of SEO as...
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    25 YouTube likes

    The first 3 people to reply in this thread will receive 25 YouTube likes. Just PM me your YouTube link and I will send 25 YouTube likes to your video. Be sure to leave a comment and a thanks after your views are delivered. I'm just giving back to the community.
  5. unbel

    Do backlinks from Flickr images count?

    It would definitely help your website. Even if the backlinks were nofollow, it's always good to have a mix of dofollow and nofollow backlinks. I would say 80/20 in terms of dofollow and nofollow backlinks. Having backlink diversity is important due to the new Google algorithms so try having a...
  6. unbel

    Where do you get high quality free images from?

    I mainly use Flickr for free HQ images. Occasionally, I can find a really nice picture using Google images and use that. But mainly I use Flickr or create the image myself using photoshop.
  7. unbel

    How did you earn your first dollar on the web?

    My first dollar was made using linkbucks. It is a URL shortening website that pays you per visit. It doesn't pay much but back then I was desperate to earn some money. Even though it wasn't much, it made me believe that the internet was actually a place where money could be made. And that's how...
  8. unbel

    How much do you earn per month on the internet?

    Ever since school started, my earnings dropped to $300-400 a month. But now that it's the summer break, I'm going to continue working on my websites and try to reach $1k a month once again.
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    How much time?

    I can't count the time I've spent on social networking website. I leave them open, not only my own Facebook but I spend a lot of time advertising on my marketing Twitter and Facebook accounts. Probably at least 50 hours a week.
  10. unbel

    How do you promote your blog/site for free?

    I promote my blogs and websites using multiple Twitter accounts and a Facebook account with 5000 friends. The results of advertising on social networking websites are astonishing. Other than that, I've had little success advertising elsewhere.
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    I did not have a mentor, but I have mentored people to obtain referrals. Generally learning things by yourself is a lot better than having someone teach you. Mentoring can be helpful but in terms of internet marketing, they're probably gaining more than you are.
  12. unbel

    PTC websites for promotions

    Advertising on PTC sites only have a decent effect if the site you are advertising is related to PTC or money making. Although, I've tried advertising on PTC sites to no success. PTC sites are only effective for receiving referrals or promoting another PTC site. Other than that, i'd recommend...
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    Count to 1000

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    Lurkers >.<

    Lurkers are not a big problem. Usually, the more traffic a forum gets, the better. Lurkers are neutral, although they do do not provide anything, they also do not disrupt everything. All in all, lurkers are not a problem.
  15. unbel

    How to get a higher PR?

    To get a higher PR, you need to have backlinks from high PR websites. The higher the better. Look for quality links. Here is a graph on how many of each backlink you need to raise your website's page rank.