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    Help To Monetize My Dog Niche Leads

    Thanks for you the idea. But as well, I'm having leads mostly those are interested to buy Puppies, so there any way to monetize these leads? I mean, Can i sell these lead as well I honestly didn't run any camping with this and people are ready to pay me for Puppies. So, I think, these leads are...
  2. TonmoyParves

    Help To Monetize My Dog Niche Leads

    Hello Y'll. Hope everyone is safe and doing great. Well, I do have a Pet Site those ranked for some serious good keywords and giving me monthly around 4000-4500 Traffics from Google itself. And I'm getting average daily 5-6 Leads. I'm attaching my Leads Mails. I do have their Name, Email...
  3. TonmoyParves

    How are you doing? Do you do Amazon niche blog? I think , you are. I might read your articles on...

    How are you doing? Do you do Amazon niche blog? I think , you are. I might read your articles on your blog. Would you please love to help me to start my first amazon niche blog
  4. TonmoyParves

    Follow my affiliate journey...

    Hello Chilly, thanks for made this thread here. Aha, feeling lucky to become your first mate here with your jounrey :) And congrs for made some sales. Well, I'm also highly interested to start Amazon niche blog. I've few questions. Would you please like to response Here I'm sharing few...
  5. TonmoyParves

    MaxBounty 4.5K$ / month with Surveys

    I am newbie with this market. Would you please like to share this something like Case study. How you do this? Do you have any blog or something that Landing page or what ever? whats your traffic sources? And how you generate your sales.. Please answers
  6. TonmoyParves

    Want to start serious hard working and make Passive income

    Hello Guys, How's going? Hope, everything is going good. I want to start doing serious hard work and want to make Passive income. I've heard about CPA, CPL, PPL, PPC like this and also a lot's of thing like Youtube Video marketing and others also. BTW, I'm learning and doing blogging for few...
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    $275 Creating a Clickbank Blog

    Ok Sure. No problem. Have a Great enjoy your holidays. But If possible give your Skype, So i can add you there, when you'll back we able to do the skype session
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    My earning with CPAGrip

    Done ..Check Pm :)
  9. TonmoyParves

    $275 Creating a Clickbank Blog

    Hello, Thanks for answering the all questions and thanks for giving me the real site example. I checked the blog and that one have a lot's of articles with Google 400+Indexing and Alexa Rank under 600K. So, It's really good. What you do think if i have a better blog then this one, How much i...
  10. TonmoyParves

    Ask Me Anything Over 20k T-Shirts Sold in 12 Months

    I have few questions. I hope, if you will answer these questions there will not be more questions :) 1. How to design a killer design ? NOTE: I'm not a designer then how can I make a good and killer eye catching design to sell T-shirt there ? 2. The biggest question is after choosing the...
  11. TonmoyParves

    $275 Creating a Clickbank Blog

    Within 3 days? How many articles you post there? And would you please love to share the example of your site/blog? As well honestly i never see any click bank blog before. So, i wanted to do the same. And how much i need to invest ? How much you invested and how much you earned ?
  12. TonmoyParves

    Internet marketer

    Hello George, Welcome to affiliatefix :) I joined here today and Honestly I've already meet with few good guys and learn something new from here :) Hope, You'll also get benefit from here and as well You're doing online marketing 2 years so, you're one of Experience marketers. Would you please...
  13. TonmoyParves

    My earning with CPAGrip

    Hello Neo, Congrs for your this huge earnings. 2925 views $83.00 That's really great. I've few blogs And I'm getting good amounts of traffics there all most 20K {20000} traffics daily. But I'm not earning so much there. But after seeing your this post, I'm now seriously thinking to do something...
  14. TonmoyParves

    Happy Sunday Affiliatefix

    Hello T J Tutor, It's really niche to meet with you here. And thanks for motive me. I've sent you a Skype Request from (Tonmoy.tazin) hope, you will accept me there :)