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    Do you send out a monthly/weekly/annual newsletter?

    I did send a weekly newsletter to subscribers but then it got overcrowded and I had to stop the mass mail service or else I would get the suspended page. I'm trying to earn money so that I can find one that's good and allows it so I can start again. SonnyNET64
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    How much do you earn per month on the internet?

    I've actually stopped online monetizing because of school work and such. But during the holidays I managed to make around $2,694 in 2 weeks because my blog/site already have views. SonnyNET64
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    Can you earn money with a forum?

    Of course you can! It's actually very easy. You set up your forum, you drive traffic through and when you get adequate members, then you apply adsense to your site. My friend gets a couple hundred of clicks a day, and earns $1 a click. That is crazy. SonnyNET64
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    Where do you get high quality free images from?

    Usually I would design them myself, but if sometimes it's too hard to make I usually get it off iconfinder, or good images on Google. SonnyNET64
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    DIY Design or Professional Design Service

    Depending on the person. I personally would do it myself, since I haven't gotten any money, I learn and then I code it myself and it is equivalent to the professional coders. SonnyNET64
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    What have you recently designed?

    I'm trying to design my music website. But I'm not having any luck taking pictures of myself and put it up there. xD SonnyNET64
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    Paying for fonts

    There are too many free fonts that are superb rather than buying them. Unless you've got the money and the font looks great, maybe you should buy them and be a premium company/business. SonnyNET64
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    What's the most/least amount of money you ever paid for a domain?

    Three Australian Dollars for a .com domain name. I still have done anything with that website, yet I own many more. I still have to work on it and actually finish it. :S SonnyNET64
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    How difficult is it to earn money online?

    There is one simple equation that can solve your questions mate. Work + Effort or Dedication - Fees = Money Gain/Loss Online
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    Free Vs Paid Forum Softwares

    As long as there are people registering, and staying active on the forums. I'm fine with forums being paid or free. Because in the end, we're all trying to make the money from the clicks. SonnyNET64
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    Where do you buy domains?

    I used Crazy Domains. They're extension prices are amazingly cheap. I got a .com domain for a maximum of $3 because they were have a sale. SonnyNET64
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    How many domains do you own?

    As of now, a few of mine are expiring and I've got no time or the money to re-new and update them everyday. So out of the 5, 3 of them are expiring. 2 domains are used for forums and main website. SonnyNET64
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    What do you think of .tk domains

    It's actually fine to use a .tk domain name, although everyone would prefer a normal .com, .net, or .org. It's unusual for anyone to go on their web browsers and type up: SonnyNET64
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    How much bandwidth have you used this month?

    I don't really have much going on right now. Just about over 10GB. I haven't done much this month, and I plan to do better the next one. SonnyNET64
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    Do you search for coupons, when buying domains?

    Who doesn't look for a coupon/offer on domain names? Everyone is trying so hard to find a company that registers domain for low prices, and eventually they all resort to sub-domains. I myself was able to save a ton of money on a .com domain, and a .net one as well. All under $10! Try Crazy...