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    This is the next level of SEO in E-commerce!!!

    WPP has asked its partner brands to treat Amazon as a media channel, else they'll be obsolete. They have entered into an agreement that will offer brands creative, data and media services across the entire Amazon shopping ecosystem. The new offering will include: 1. Media planning and...
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    What is the advantage of SEO?

    The BEST advantage: use SEO to be listed on top of search page.
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    5 Tips for Outsourcing Search Engine Optimization

    I don't think there are any tips to "outsource" SEO. Just do it
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    Emailing Marketing Recommendations

    I use MailChimp. The dashboard lays it all out clearly: import lists, create and send campaigns, and proceed to build your audience. And the best part: MailChimp offers free subscription for 2000 subscribers or 12,000 emails per month. For unlimited account, the pricing starts from $10.
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    Which is the best tips to increase more backlinks?

    Can you please suggest a few Business Listing and Classified Ad posting sites?
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    How to Optimize Keywords for Higher Visibility and Conversion Rates?

    A query entered in searches that could correspond to a term is called a keyword. Optimizing your website with keywords that relate to your business will help search engines to fetch your pages easily and rank you better. This is the reason, why keyword research is a crucial step in building a...
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    How can I increase PA and DA in one month?

    Thank you for valuable inputs. Really helped me to strategize my SEO plan.
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    Share your main traffic generation tactic

    My strategy is simple. Organic traffic, backlinks, keyword indexing, session creation etc. Though, they are old school stuff, it has been an effective one for me.
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    Facebook or LinkedIn which is more effective?

    Both are effective if the content is customized properly for better indexing. Also, Pinterest is gathering momentum these days and is poised to grow.
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    buying article content or write by yourself?

    As a fellow blogger, it is request- "never buy any article content". Always write it, even if the number of followers is less. This helps in improving yourself at writing a better content.
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    how you manage a blog

    Managing a blog is not entirely difficult if you're driving traffic to it in relevant means. Promote your blog properly by posting quality articles, better anchor texts & tags. Also, write about the stuff that you are comfortable with.
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    Website SEO

    1. Create a website/web page with rich graphics, quality content. 2. Drive traffic to that by session creation, posting relevant articles in blogs, proper anchor texting. 3. Follow-up the above steps in Search Analytics.
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    Why have you joined social media?

    9 in 10 marketers say that social media is important to their business, with the most commonly cited benefits being increased exposure and traffic. By itself, social media is a powerful tool. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram empower both startups and established brands to...
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    How can we detect fraud traffic and how can we reduce it.

    Are you asking about fraud traffic in your online product selling? If so, you can take an example from Amazon FBA strategy. Amazon is playing tough with third-party sellers by enforcing protections on a growing list of brands — and restricted categories. Sometimes the Amazon Algorithms also ban...
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    Pleasure to be here

    Hello All, Thank you for including me. I'm a Community Manager at SellerPrime, an Amazon seller analytics company. Looking forward to share thoughts on Amazon Affiliate marketing.