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    I have just pm you on skype, please reply me :)
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    Ask Me Anything Truth about mobile affiliate networks

    Hi @MrTwister , how can I find the best payout network for the same offers? Thank you.
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    Looking for incentive CPI offers with high payout.

    Please check your inbox.
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    Looking for incentive CPI offers with high payout.

    Now, I am using content locker with blackhat method to run many incentive CPI offers. I have a good team can give you a couple thousand dollars per month and all of them is good traffic. For more information, please pm me, and then we will have a talk. Thank you
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    how to link postback URL

    First. there are two things in CPAGrip or any network you should know: Offer URL: as you mentioned in your post content. An example for CPAGrip offer URL: Error Loading Offer. Postback URL: the URL that network will call when conversion occurred. You can set postback URL for CPAGrip in...
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    Need CPI offers in Vietnam

    I have a lot of mobile traffic in Vietnam Please pm me if you have CPI offers in this country.
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    How to become a media seller?

    Hello everyone, I am interested in a man that sell click through his email. He have many niches such as diet, internet marketing. So, if you know any course or any mentor or any advises, please help me? I will be very grateful for your reply.
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    popads Dot net and the offers

    They have a lot of good traffic for these offers, but you will lose much money to find out it.
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    Gold Zeropark Live Case Study (from $0 to $XXX per day)

    "we are unable to validate your information. please try again" I can not complete the paypal payment because of the above error. What should I do now?
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    Does Voluum track click?

    I don't find out a way to view my click stats. In my situation, I want to track what keywords bring clicks to me. Does Voluum have it?
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    Gold Zeropark Live Case Study (from $0 to $XXX per day)

    Does domain redirector has mobile traffic?
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    Unmanaged VPS on Digital Ocean with filezilla

    pm me. I already do it. You should install SSH
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    Is CPA Marketing easier for newbies than Affiliate Marketing?

    Suggest people installing an app, inputting email, sign up sth,etc is always easier than paying sth. Don't care about CPA or Affiliate marketing, you should focus on what actions from them give you money
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    How to properly preview mobile affiliate offers on Windows that have redirect scripts...

    Here is Agent Spoofer for Firefox: Random Agent Spoofer. You can change your browser become android or ios devices. I'm not sure that will load google play or app store. With android, you have many choices to test (bluestack,...). With IOS, you can notice when you finish loading, view cookie see...
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    Advertiser must choose right network. The big network must choose right sub network.