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    How to create a proper DataFeed file for affiliate marketing

    Clyde, Frankly I am quite surprise by your comment. We do know and understand SAS sytem very very well. I have spoken to you on the phone before and explained that both SAS and can only accept 1 (ONE) datafeed file per one merchant. If you have datafeed for 10...
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    How to create a proper DataFeed file for affiliate marketing

    Clyde, On the contrary do import SAS product datafeed + SAS deals database automaticaly. We could not manage yours efficiently because you provided data from 10 countries into one single datafeed file.
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    How to create a proper DataFeed file for affiliate marketing

    avanquest, This is an explanation of how to generate CJ links This is the standard format of each CJ link: http://www.<prefixdomain>.com/click-<Affiliate_PID>-<merchantID>?url= All CJ links starts with one of the 5 different prefixes / domains...
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    A bit

    Offline marketing is expensive therefore even more risky. Plus it is often hard for offline marketing to impact an online business. It is closer for any online business to perform online marketing. But despite all that I have said, a Business Card and flyer never hurts.
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    Is it worth sharing your 4th click for tools? is trying to get some feedback from the affiliate community about our project. A concern or question that keep surfacing are: - Why should I share my 4th click with a 3rd party affiliate tool provider like - Is it worth it? - What other ways can...
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    How to create a proper DataFeed file for affiliate marketing

    Many merchants or AM (affiliate managers) have asked me this question, "How do you create a good DataFeed file?" I have decided to create this thread to answer those questions and help increase datafeed standards awareness. What is a Datafeed file? A datafeed file is an electronic file...
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    How important are datafeeds?

    Benefits of using datafeed file on affiliate web site DataFeed add content to your web site and when it is done correctly and tastefully it can increase the functionality of your site also. SEO is just an added benefit. Relying on datafeed content to get more hits from search engines is like...
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    Summit Party in Orlando + Party Pics from the last one

    Sure thing... thanks for the party info Linda, Too bad you are not going, this will be my first. I guess I have to get someone to invite me to attend. Hmm... it is like looking for a date :p Thanks for that info... have a good 4th! I am going to eat some BBQ now.. :D
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    How often does google bot visit your site?

    Google page indexing and PR value update Google has one of the most active robots in the industry. Most people don't know that Google does index each web page individualy and has PR value for each page. When a page is indexed it is store in Google cache. The easiest way to see your web...
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    Summit Party in Orlando + Party Pics from the last one

    Would like to meet in Orlando Affiliate Summit Hi Linda, Andrew here with, I will be in Orland on the 9th and 10th of July. I would like to meet you in person if you have time. Perhaps at the party? Where can I find the list of the party events?
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    Hi my name is Andrew with

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting on this site and I just would like to share my experience... I found this site from a Manager of Performics affiliate network who has told me about an article written by Linda at The article was about our...
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    DataFeedFile New DF Solution proper introduction Linda's article has caught us by surprise this morning. It has caused immediate response all over the affiliate industry. is currently in beta stage. We are signing up beta testers both affiliates and merchants. My name is Andrew and I...