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Is it worth sharing your 4th click for tools?


affiliate is trying to get some feedback from the affiliate community about our project.

A concern or question that keep surfacing are:

- Why should I share my 4th click with a 3rd party affiliate tool provider like

- Is it worth it?

- What other ways can this trade of services be done?

Facts from DFF Affiliate FAQ you should know: has created a full featured price comparison shopping engine that took 5 experience programmers 1.5 years to create. Not to mention the hundreds of human labor hours spent identifying and categorizing products. has a total of approximately 25 million products as of today (8/28/2006). About 2 million has been identified and normalized with UPC / ISBN, have proper description and product pictures.

In order for an affiliate to re-create DFF tool and provide a similar shopping functionality, the affiliate would need at least 6 high-end servers, 2 years development time and hundreds of hours organizing product information. Not to mention the daily routine updates.

We believe re-inventing the wheel is not a time well spent for affiliates while there are many more important things to do such as marketing your web site. Besides's PHP scripts and tools are SEO friendly.

We hope to get some good feedback to better serve the affiliate community. Please voice your opinion here.