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YouTube Newbie Madness

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by cpadatingmaster, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. cpadatingmaster

    cpadatingmaster Affiliate affiliate

    For this method only thing what you need is domain name and hosting plan or simply blogger/wordpress blog.
    Of course that domain name with hosting plan have clearer view and give more trust, but nicely set up blogger sometimes can attract more than HTML web page.
    Let me explain in a short sentence what’s all about and next will go to set up the system and start promote on You Tube.
    This method is based on simple unique domain name with unique title for the popular product that sells online. The title is the most important thing here and it will depend of it how successful you will be.

    I highly recommend reading entire guide first before start set up the system!

    Let’s first find out what is popular on the Internet. Well, best what work for me is:

    • Dating Niche (top performing)

    • Weight loos niche
    • Job and employment (working on the rig giving great results)
    • Money making Niche
    • Golf Niche
    • Skin Care

    • Hair loss (my very last project with top results)

    These are the niche that converts well for me but if you make research you can find other too.
    In this example I will stick to Money making niche as I already test one of my running campaign for CPA BANNER REVOLUTION product.
    Few months ago I launch WSO “CPA BANNER REVOLUTION” and come to an idea to test same campaign with “YouTube Newbie Madness” method and guess what?

    In the first hours I had 5 sales that come from YouTube.

    I sad; ”Wowww, this must be shared because is so cool…”

    So I have the product named CPA BANNER REVOLUTION and if you search the Internet for that keyword my product comes on the first several places on first page of Google.


    As you can see from the picture, my site is on the first place meaning I have great possibility to make additional sales through YouTube.
    Next one I will log in on YouTube with one of my account and find video materials related to CPA BANNER REVOLUTION project.



    As result show up, I open it one by one and do quick watch to be able to write good comment.
    Now read this very carefully because inside the comment is the secret (sorry, idea, because on the Internet there are no secrets) of this method…


    Hi, I just seen your video and must say nicely done. I like all what you describe that and it must work definitely but did you check, or did you hear about "CPA BANNER REVOLUTION? I hear from lots of people that this is hot stuff now and it works and gives results in a very short period of time?
    Do you know anything about that?"


    Do you see any links inside my comment? NO!
    So where is the catch?
    As I told you and show you before, if you insert on your browser keyword CPA BANNER REVOLUTION it will show you results and all of them, on the first several places, are mine one.
    Using this simple tricky comment can generate 4-5 sales daily (depend on how much you work and post comment).
    Why I did not use link? Most of the YouTube users disable listing of comment before get approved. Using nicely and friendly comment will not get you banned by the creator of the video. In fact will allowed it because you mention his great content.
    Get it now…
    OK, for this example I used my product that I was already on the top of the Google for that keyword but what if you start from zero?

    Let’s make together one campaign starting from ZERO!
    Let say I want to promote woodworking project, Clickbank product “Ted Woodworking” and want to use YouTube Newbie Madness method.


    First what you need to do is check vendor page how it looks like to gather more information about same product.


    Pay attention of the title of the page as it will be point of start.


    Teds woodworking is the main title and also can see that vendor page is on the second place on Google.
    What we need to do now is find title that is narrow related to Teds woodworking title and check competition.
    I already have some ideas in mind about it and what about you?

    I will write it down and you can do it too so later will check competition and availability.

    Title ideas:

    • Ultimate Teds woodworking
    • 2013 Teds woodworking
    • Easy Teds woodworking

    OK, for this purpose I just wrote 3 ideas and now will check each one to see competition and availability.


    As we can see, keyword “Ultimate Teds Woodworking” already has some pages and it’s not good idea to choose that one but what about if we just remove one letter from the second word in the title, “teds”?



    No results for it and I just remove letter “s” from word “Teds” so out keyword and main title will be:

    Ultimate Ted Woodworking

    Next step is to create WP or Blogger blog or HTML website, title it with keyword you choose and write some content and link it to vendor page with your affiliate link.
    After you do it, create it ping it to this 2 services:


    Next what we need to do is be sure our blog/page is indexed by Google and to do that simply type your blog/domain name without http://www in the search box and if it’s appear on the search means its indexed and can start promote it using YouTube Newbie Madness method.


    Woww, photo showing that domain ultimatetedwoodworking.com is not taken and you can take that advantage and grab it and maybe promote Teds Woodworking product…
    To be sure about domain I will make quick search on instantdomainsearch.com


    And voila, all of the domains are available and can get even .org for a price of $4.99.
    There are one trick what almost everyone knows and can be pretty effective with this technique; buy and redirect domain name to an affiliate offer with masking.
    I don’t do it for only one reason, cannot opt-in.
    Newbie can use it because with this technique you don’t need to create website at all and only what you need to pay attention is right title, description and keywords when you set up your redirection and don’t forget to mask it.
    There are lots of tutorial on the YouTube how to redirect and mask domain so watch it.
    OK, so let’s recapitulate what we done till now:

    • We have product to promote
    • We have blog/website/redirected domain name
    • Our page is indexed on Google

    We have all what we need to start promote our affiliate offer using YouTube Newbie Madness method.
    So open You Tube, search for woodworking keyword and take a quick watch on every video you think is related to your main keyword.


    Choose first of them and start quick watch and prepare to leave comment…
    Also check if there are any other comments. More comments there are, more chance to get visible our comment is.
    Read every comment and try to reply nicely selling your product softly.

    Comment on woodworking

    "Hi {YouTube video owner}, I just pass through your video and I really like it. So many great info and truly I learn a lot from it.
    As I’m into woodworking too and love to search around did you see ULTIMATE TED WOODWORKING?
    I hear from many people that are really ULTIMATE. I ask you because I see you are some expert in woodworking so I just want an opinion.

    {Your Name}"


    Guess what will happen? Owner of the video will take a look if he is passionate with woodworking but also other members who browse and watch same one.
    One thing more you can do here is to contact directly members who give comments and ask them if they hear about ULTIMATE TED WOODWORKING explaining them same thing. Use your imagination and creativity to write softly sales latter and you will see how great results you can get.
    Potential are unlimited and it works great with ClickBank and PayDotCom.com offer.

    Give it a try and inform me about the results…:cool:
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  2. terraleads
  3. srijon

    srijon Affiliate affiliate

    Wicked Idea.. I Like It :)
  4. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    Wow, lots of great detail in your tutorial, thanks for that! It's nice to see something for us noobs actually stating each step (and how). That doesn't always happen. Appreciate that!
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  5. PiQano

    PiQano Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you for this Tuto :)
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  6. Dario

    Dario Moderator moderator Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Nice one! I am voting for this tutorial:D
  7. rick

    rick Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    This is a very nice method. Thanks for sharing.
  8. abright

    abright Affiliate affiliate

    This is really nice of you to post this method in such a detailed manner. I'm new and really appreciate all the help being offered. I'm wondering if the Advertisers might somehow find out and consider this some form of spam. And find it a reason to take commissions away because of posting their product name within the YouTube comments?
  9. jack25

    jack25 Affiliate affiliate

    I really like your threads cpadatingmaster, you surely know what your doing and I like the details you give. Seems very good, but this is only for CB products, would work the same with email sumbit/zip offers ? - Thanks
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2014
  10. __jane__

    __jane__ Affiliate affiliate

    Wow! This tutorial is amazing.

    Thank you so much! :D
  11. _los__

    _los__ Affiliate affiliate

    Great tutorial for Newbs! ;)

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