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Youtube + CPA Questions...

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by dencha, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. dencha

    dencha Affiliate affiliate

    Hey guys!

    Well I'm gonna start promoting a CPA offer via YT but had a few questions regarding the process of researching and video creation, I've read around and this is what I've understand so far:

    1. Find an offer with high EPC >$0.03 *check*
    2. Research keywords regarding offers, preferably low comp/high volume. Bonus, if no YT video on 1st page of G. *check*
    3. Create video, either a review or product site walk-through with Camtasia or ScreenFlow *check-outsoured*
    4. Upload and get views/likes/comments/backlinks *???*

    Ok, so say I found 20 low comp words regarding my offer, do I make a video for each keyword? :confused:

    Or do I just make 1 video for the highest searched volume keyword the add the remaining keywords as tags in the description? :confused:

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. newbidder
  3. dencha

    dencha Affiliate affiliate

    Crickets... I guess this is still new to everyone on this forum.

    Only way to find out is to do it myself.

    Thanks anyway.
  4. Black0ut

    Black0ut Affiliate affiliate

    For number 4 you can buy some gigs on Fiverr/SEOClerk or get them for free on traffic exchange sites.

    and as for the keyword part, why not do both? Youtube is free.
  5. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Yeah I would start by maybe buying some gigs to get some activity on your video, it should then happen naturaly. Build backlinks to the video like you would a website with your keywords.
  6. dencha

    dencha Affiliate affiliate

    Got my video up today, sending views, likes & subs via YLH.

    Also bought a gig for 60 custom comments.

    I'm trying something different here, instead of DL to an offer. I decided to link to my mailing list I created for this niche.

    I figure I get the on the list then I can keep sending offers when needed. ;)

    Now I need to get some backlinks, might pick up GSA for this.
  7. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Opt in landing page > direct link - good move man!
  8. EymardSiojo

    EymardSiojo GRIND! affiliate

    Wow! You have an idea that rocks!
    Continue doing that.
    My best advice, if your not rushing things, check out enhanceviews. You can get free custom comments there using your credits.
    I started with that coz I don't have the money when I started.
    Give a decent amount of comment, subs, likes, favs, and subs and your good to go.
    Just focus now with views and backlinks.
    Check your campaigns if its converting. If not, dump it.
    Make some threshold.. You know..
    Analyze, get data, test, and Bank :)

    Go for it!
  9. dencha

    dencha Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks guys!

    My targeted keyword has 5,400 exact searches a month and 1st page competition isn't too bad:

    The stats of the top 3 videos on YT for my keyword:

    Views: 97K
    Likes: 135
    Comments: 25
    Subs: 358
    Age: 5 years
    Backlinks: 5

    Views: 47K
    Likes: 121
    Comments: 26
    Subs: 134
    Age: 2 year
    Backlinks: 2

    Views: 11K
    Likes: 19
    Comments: 5
    Subs: 302
    Age: 2 years
    Backlinks: 2

    My current video stats:
    Views: 301
    Likes: 254
    Comments: 62
    Subs: 30
    Age: 1 day
    Backlinks: 0

    Right now, it looks like Views are whats determining the ranking and also maybe Likes.

    As you can see, backlinks are non-existent for these video which is a big + for me as I think I can easily gather a bunch of links. I purchased a gig for 200 blog links/day for the next 30 days, which leave my backlinking portion on auto-pilot

    I'm also using Link-Collider to get the "social" links which is basically an exchange style service.

    I'll update again with new stats once I start ranking on Google or YT.

  10. abuhanifa

    abuhanifa Affiliate affiliate

    Focus on high retention views and avoid mobile views and you are good to go. Social Bookmarks can do wonders.
  11. dencha

    dencha Affiliate affiliate

    Looking at a gig to start my Social Bookmarking today.

    Thanks for the advice!
  12. dencha

    dencha Affiliate affiliate

    Finally ranked in YT...

    But not so great of a position, I'll give it a few days just to see where it settles. :mad:


    The first line is my targeted keyword, second line is my exact keyword I used in my YT video (ex: Best "Three Word Keyword")

    Here's my current stats on the video:
    Views: 301 > 85K
    Likes: 254 > 254
    Comments: 62 > 63
    Subs: 30 > 29
    Backlinks: 0 > 45

    YT competition:
    If ranking is solely base on views, I should settle out at the #2 spot.
    (For the 85K views I purchased 40K retention views and 40K regular views.)

    And it also looks like Subs might be another factor in YT ranking.

    I'll update in a few days!

  13. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Very interesting man, would love you to find out a formula for ranking. Also what software are you using to check these details?
  14. dencha

    dencha Affiliate affiliate

    For the YT stats, I just type in my targeted keyword and note down the stats for the Top 3 videos.

    For backlinks, I use Ahref.com...I just copy&paste the URL of the YT video and waalah.

    That's about it...

    BTW I'm now rank 80 in YT lol but for some reason I got my first opt-in :cool: Not sure how they found me, unless I'm rank for another keyword that I don't know about :eek:

    Well I went ahead and ordered another gig for retention views + 300 subs, also I'm still backlinking my video with that gig I mention earlier. 200 BL/day.

    So far I spent $35 on this casestudy...

    That's all I got for today.

  15. dencha

    dencha Affiliate affiliate

    Quick Update:


    G Rank: Not in top 100 > 17
    YT Rank: 80 > 56

    Here's my current stats on the video:
    Views: 85K > 234K (+149K)
    Likes: 254 > 255 (+1)
    Comments: 63 > 64 (+1)
    Subs: 29 > 474 (+445)
    Backlinks: 45 > 383 (+338)

    So far, so good!

    Looks like the backlinks are being found and finally ranking my video on the 2nd page of Google...accordingly to Rank Tracker!

    But here's the kicker...after logging out of my G account and clearing my cookie, when I search for my targeted keyword my video rank on page 1 of G!

    It's actually in position 8!

    Also it looks like the increase of views and subs help me move up in rank on YT or it could be a combination of all 3, backlinks, views & subs.

    I'm still quite a ways to being on the 1st page of YT though. :(

    Honestly, I'd rather be rank on the 1st page of Google than YT, I'm sure my YT ranking will follow once I settle on page 1 of the SERP.

    Sad part is, I haven't gotta any optin since that phantom optin a couple days ago.

    Oh well, I'm more interested in figuring out how to rank my videos...for now :)

    That is all!

  16. alexcopeland

    alexcopeland Affiliate affiliate

    Enjoying this case study, thanks for sharing and keep us posted on any changes!

    Sent from my GT-P5113 using Tapatalk 2
  17. dencha

    dencha Affiliate affiliate

    No problem bro, we're all hear to learn :)

    I just want to add that all the things I have done so far has been through Fiverr gigs, from creating the video to getting views, subs, likes, backlinks, etc.

    It just saves me a lot of time but will cost you money...like any business investment :)
  18. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Yeah I agree, im following this one very closely mate, the thing that also interests me is you figuring out what factors really get you ranking the video on G.
  19. dencha

    dencha Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks K,

    By the looks of it, it the good 'ol backlinks that is getting my video rank on G.

    I've been throwing 200 BL/day to the video via a Fiverr gig and the video seems to take it fine, hence it's a YT video and YT video typically get a lots of link because of people sharing it and such, so I don't see no harm in getting a huge amount of links to your video at a time.

    I also just purchase a "link pyramid" gig to add more edu/gov links to my video BL profile.

    I'm still on the fence on picking up GSA to start my own BL drip feed but as of right now the 200 BL/day gig which last for 30 days is a pretty sweet gig.

    But here's something I always kept in back of my mind while trying to rank this video, I tried to image the typical scenario on how a video goes viral then I follow that sequence of steps:

    First, you get Views to your vid....a lot of it. Also start your BL campaign since BL takes awhile before they are found.

    Then add some Likes and Comments because Views must be accompanied by these 2 other signals of "viralness" (is that even a word :))

    Once you get a good ratio of Views vs Likes/Comments (i don't know for sure what this ratio is but I would as 4/1 sounds good.)

    Then your BL should start to trickle in which "appears" as if your video is being "shared"....I also use Link Collider to get FB shares, Tweets & Stumbles for a more Social aspect of backlinking but can't say for sure it helps in the ranking.

    Anyways ALL this will make your video look "natural" in being viral that is.

    Well that's my take on it and who knows it could be all wrong but that's how I plan my campaign to rank this current video.

    That is all!

  20. operationoffers

    operationoffers Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I think it super that you are doing so much for this and putting the effort you have done so far, it is also a plus that you are sharing your results as this helps other affiliates (name of the game)

    My Thoughts

    Video is always going to rank you higher in S.E.R simply because there is more interaction or possibility for interaction with your visitor.
    I would not ever direct link an offer as I think you said you were not going to do that...which is good. there are only a few instances when you would want to DL
    but it is few and far between and not worth getting into

    When I think of interaction I would think of something that will capture attention. Making a video go viral is simple getting other to share it and putting the time in to make a quality video will save money in paying others to like your video or comment on it...albeit those are things you can do to get more exposure. I would have this video hosted on your landing page as well which will garnish more views when visitors play the video directly from your website. I would try to give them a compelling reason to play but also share the video....give them options to share it on twitter/facebook/as well to comment on the video or like it. anything to garnish some viral result is worth its weight in gold. Posting the video to Facebook yourself is also a good idea...there are fiverrs for this as well for those who have a lot of friends etc....if this is a niche you are involved in and are planning on making more videos of a similar sort, getting involved in forums for this subject matter is always a good idea. You can get hundred if not thousands of views this way.

    Another idea is make an e-book and give it away for free to those who view and share your video. in your video make sure you have a pop up that will allow your viewers to link to your website and capture that all important email address. If you are selling something or promoting some sort of offer, it is always a good idea to have used the product or service...this way you can give better reviews of it instead of just doing a review of the website itself....which is OK, but it is not engaging enough.

    Look at other videos that have a lot of views....are they engaging? what about them makes you linger and continue watching? Does your video solve a problem? if so then this is what you need to focus when it comes to keywords. Get to the point and solve a problem, you have a solution and this why they need to click on your link.

    Just a some thoughts on the subject...hope it might help.
  21. dencha

    dencha Affiliate affiliate

    That is a good insight to the BIG picture of this case study.

    I mean every content you throw out there will need to be good to have a chance at be naturally shared which is the goal (less work lol)

    My video is very basic, it just show the benefits of a certain activity (health niche), at the end I just include a blurb to sign up to my list for a weekly newsletter which offers a new "exercise" each week.

    I have my list setup as such...

    YT > Optin > Welcome Email + CPA > FU#1 > FU#2 > FU#3 > FU#4 > SS > BO

    FU = Follow-up
    SS = Soft Sell
    BO = Big Offer

    Everything is 7 days apart except for the Welcome email & FU#1, also the SS & BO which 1 day part.

    I'm debating if the FU should atleast have an affiliate link to an Amazon product or not...that way I'm not wasting a 1 month before hoping to get a sale on my Big Offer.

    For now, I'm focusing on ranking and once I'm up their I'll optimized my Optin and list marketing strategy.

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