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YouTube Ads....

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by K, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Who's dabbled in YouTube ads?

    Thoughts? Experiences etc
  2. ytz
  3. Burris

    Burris Affiliate affiliate

    We've been syndicating pre-roll video ads for over 4 years. All of my comments are more from a publishers viewpoint and not so much an advertisers. Some of them may be useful.

    1) The vast majority of ad spots are 30 seconds. Some pubs limit to 15 sec and some allow 60, 90 and 120 secs. Most of the demand is for desktop, but all the exchanges are heavily promoting mobile video too. Not too many pubs nor advertisers are happy with mobile video. But i do see real changes that will make it better. It's just a matter of time until mobile video is widespread.
    2) For publishers that run ad tags from other than Google, they must not use a YouTube Video Player. None of the major exchanges will approve a website to use their tags on a youtube player. The most popular player is "JW Player" followed by about 2 dozen more. Flowplayer is a good free option used by many.
    3) Recently, AOL introduced a new format called "Outstream" which is a video ad that is meant for publishers without video content (not to be confused with "in-banner" video ads that are also meant for pubs without video content. The common pre-rolls tags are referred to as "in-stream".
    4) We've worked with several exchanges and prefer Adap/AOL now bought by Verizon. Facebook recently bought out LiveRail, so hopefully that marketplace will grow.
    5) Publishers interested in running video ads, must have an Alexa 50k or better ranking in USA.

    Hope it helps!
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  4. Burris

    Burris Affiliate affiliate

    Some (not all) Youtube video creators, do indeed take part in a program whereby they earn a cut, for video views. Just this week i read where Facebook is rolling out a similar program. You can read about it here Facebook video monetization is here - Fortune
  5. Penn86

    Penn86 Affiliate affiliate

    Great Info Burris. with regards to your point #5, does one need to have a website with that high of ranking in order to run In stream video ads on YouTube? I hope not as I want to start running ads on there. thanks!

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