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Your Top Income Streams


Your answers will likely vary, and that's the point! List your top income streams in the order of how much you are making through them, it might serve as a nice guide for newbies looking where to start and what to invest most of their time and effort in for results. Although, frankly, I think any method can pay out handsomely if enough research, time, and effort is invested in it.

Back to the point, my top income streams are:
1. Affiliate Marketing; Clickbank products
2. CPA offers, mostly dating and finance
3. Adsense revenue from a few blogs
4. Flipping old blogs I no longer have use for


Mine are:
1. PTC, PTSU sites (I've been with them for quite a long time)
2. Adsense
3. Translation and Transcription online

And that's it. I also sell some second-hand stuff on sites like eBay from time to time but I don't think that counts as purely online income.


Lets see:
  1. Reselling fiverr gigs
  2. Clickbank
  3. Making websites for my clients
  4. random things I happen to do
  5. Amazon
  6. various PTC sites that I still visit occosionally
Please note that only the first 3 gives me any considerable income, for the rest I just haven't invested enough time to actually reach success.


My top method for making money is email marketing, and promoting affiliate offers. There really is nothing like having a list of active subscribers at the push of a button. I find most my products through click bank, and only promote ones, that I have used and found useful.


Since this is under "making money online", so I assume you are asking our top (online) income streams...

For me,
1. Viglink (it automatically turns product links into affiliation links)
2. Amazon Association (commission earned when people buy through my affiliation links in my articles)
3. BuySellAds (This one is new since I was just accepted into it, but so far it earned me the highest amount in the past 30 days). Sold three ad spots since June 27.

I have a few other programs earning a little here and there, but nothing worth mention since they don't earn much.