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First of all, let me say I am sooooo happy to have found this place!
What an amazing resource!

Ok, so I've been devouring the info here and this weekend decided to get off the dime and just dive in. I tend to have analysis paralysis, so its a big step for me...

Taking the newbie route, I started two blogs on blogger. I did some research, and think I selected a couple of good niches. So, at this point I have completed a couple of posts, just submitted to adsense and now I find myself saying NOW WHAT!!! Should I just focus on content? How often should I post? I feel it could be rather addictive. Any other suggestions? I did sign up for CJ today as well.

Thank you so much!!


Linda Buquet

Hi CG,

Welcome to 5 Star. Glad you are finding lots of good info here
and glad you jumped in and got active.

So exciting to just get started. Sounds like you are on a good path.
I think blogging once a day is good. Based on your market you may want to skip weekends, but it depends if your market is online on the weekend. Experiment with it and see if you get many readers then. But then again if the blogs are brand new you probably don't have many readers yet anyway and so just need to build up some keyword rich content, so blog away.