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Affiliates Wanted Yareel: New Game Adult Offer (Android APK + Desktop + Browser)

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by PushTip, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. PushTip

    PushTip Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Yareel.com: New Game Adult Offer (Android APK + Desktop + Browser)

    We introduce a new gaming offer, which is a real product, and not just a beautiful landing page for a non-existent game where users can’t understand what are they paying for.​


    About the game:

    Yareel is the world’s only multiplayer 3D sex game for Android + Desktop + Browser, combined with one of the most profitable niches – dating.

    Players create 3D avatars and use them for flirting, dating and online sex with other real users.

    The game works on a free-to-play model, and the players are motivated to purchase VIP-status and local currency (berries), with which the process of courtship becomes hot. The number of active users per day – 10,000 people.

    You get:
    • 50% of the income from all user purchases forever (up to April 1, 2019 70%)

    • Detailed statistics system (you see all the purchases made by the players listed by you, including rebills)

    • Promotional tools (we can make a landing or banner individually for your traffic, as well as non-standard promo – gameplay video, hosted video, etc. upon request)

    • Payments twice a month (Paxum, Webmoney or Wire)

    Why Yareel:
    • It is a fresh offer (the game was developed without attracting affiliates)

    • regular updating of in-game staff (stimulates players to make new purchases, and you get a steady income)

    • thoughtful motivation of players for the purchase of VIP subscriptions and local currency (sooner or later, the player will make a purchase)

    • You can convert android and desktop traffic (there is an application for Android, desktop, and the ability to play through the browser)

    Who need it:
    • those who want to earn more in a long run

    • those who need the trust of its users and who don’t need a one-time profit for non-existent subscriptions and products

    For what kind of traffic:
    • adult games and game-related playgrounds

    • dating and chat traffic

    • just adult – you need to try on specific traffic

    • we give an APK with your wm_id stitched in – if you assume an “exotic” distribution, you should first write and discuss

    • if you are a partner with a high-quality adult offer for android and your product has a live clients and an extensive email base, then we are ready for joint marketing campaigns

    Some figures:

    • EPM – $7

    • More than 40% of registered users become active players

    • Percentage of players with daily enter – 12.5%

    • The average monthly purchase amount of active player. – $17.66

    • Percentage of active players making purchase – 2.47%

    Top 10 countries with shopping users


    Top 10 countries by average user monthly check
    1. Israel – $71.78
    2. Saudi Arabia – $67.49
    3. Canada – $36.92
    4. Switzerland – $36.16
    5. Ukraine – $29.14
    6. Spain – $24.43
    7. German – $23.62
    8. Australia – $17.49
    9. France – $17.2
    10. United Kingdom – $17

    Top 10 countries with maximum purchases per month

    1. USA – 24.9%
    2. Canada – 10.9%
    3. Germany – 10.3%
    4. France – 7.9%
    5. United Kingdom – 7.9%
    6. Russia – 4.6%
    7. Saudi Arabia – 4%
    8. Israel – 3.4%
    9. Australia – 2.8%
    10. India – 2.7%
    This offer is exclusively presented in the MoneyLinks. Welcome!

    To celebrate the launch of the affiliate program, up to April 1, 2019 you will receive 70% of money paid by user during this period.

    Hurry up to join and be the first!

    Join now - https://moneylinks.pushtip.com
    The offer in the system - link

    email: [email protected]

    Skype: MoneyLiza_P

    Twitter: @MoneyLiza_P​
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  2. Voluum
  3. PushTip

    PushTip Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    You have asked us for and now UTM and Postback are implemented

    Now you send traffic to Yareel Web with 6 markers
    • source
    • aff_sub1
    • aff_sub2
    • aff_sub3
    • aff_sub4
    • aff_sub5
    they allow you to describe the source of the traffic and its nuances as accurately as possible, in order to understand what kind of chain converts with maximum profit

    there will be URL like

    There are Postbacks for following events:
    • lead
    • order
    • rebill
    • refund
    • сhargeback
    Here are some figures:

    Only 3 months have pat since start of Moneylinks but we already have 3 people earning more than $1K in a month on Yareel offer

    EPM is higher and now it is:
    Yareel Web Site - $10
    Yareel Android APK - $7.88

    We thank all partners for their trust and wish you excellent earnings!

    And new partners are welcome.

    As you can see the offer works good and it's still very fresh.

    It's a time to join!
  4. PushTip

    PushTip Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hi there,

    Our exclusive offer Yareel 3D is even better. Players have access to the web version which means that:

    1) the game became available for all platforms, including MacOS and IOS
    2) there are no more problems with players not supported by Unity Player
    3) the user needs to make only one click to start playing
    4) reduced the number of failures. Due to the specifics of the project, many people were afraid to install the .exe file, now it is not required.

    All this has already led to an increase in leads, and accordingly, income.

    The top 3 in the Yareel 3D offer already includes webmasters who earn more than $ 1K per month. So, if you have not yet begun to promote our cool offer, then do not miss the moment to join the best!

    Offer Yareel 3D in the system MoneyLinks - link

    Join now - Money Links

    P.S. For those who is not impressed with the amount of $ 1K per month we recall that the biggest loot is done on projects that are about to shoot, and not on those where millions have already been registered. And this is just our case. So do not miss this opportunity!
  5. PushTip

    PushTip Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate


    Hi guys!

    We launched the separate Yareel3D offer for those who direct only Android mobile traffic - Yareel Android Landing.

    The landing page has similar design features with Google Play Market, which visually looks familiar to users and inspires confidence.

    So, those who have been waiting for this for a long time, it's time to start to forward traffic! [​IMG]

    Offer Yareel Android Landing in the MoneyLinks system - link

    Join now - https://moneylinks.pushtip.com
  6. PushTip

    PushTip Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate


    Dear webmasters, here are the banners for you specially for female traffic.

    Uh-huh, don’t think that Yareel players only go there for online sex. Girls enjoy playing Yareel, because it is the place where they find something that they always do not have enough in real life - communication, flirting and the feeling that she is the one.

    If you have female traffic, then it's time to direct it on Yareel 3D! Be among the first to do it - the best way to skim the cream! [​IMG]

    New banners are available here.

    Offer Yareel Android Landing in the MoneyLinks system - link

    Join now - https://moneylinks.pushtip.com
  7. PushTip

    PushTip Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate


    Dear present and future partners,

    We sincerely wish you a happy new year! Let your income in the new year only grow and grow, and the MoneyLinks affiliate program will help you with this :)

    This year, our main Yareel3D offer has already shown its profitability. At the beginning of 2019, the average EPM was $ 7, and in the new 2020 we introduce indicators:

    Yareel Web Site Offer - $ 8.23
    Yareel Android Offer apk - $ 9.17

    We plan a lot of interesting things in 2020, so join us now and you don’t miss anything.

    Registration - https://moneylinks.pushtip.com
    I offer materials Yareel3D - link

    Let’s Celebrate and HAPPY New Year! ;)
  8. PushTip

    PushTip Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hi guys!

    We continue to develop the game Yareel3D and add new content for players that they can only buy for real $.

    A couple of days ago we added new content to the bar - champagne, wine and coffee, and beer was already in the top 10 in sales. Sales jumped. And this means that it's time to make money so far for a novelty excitement. [​IMG]

    The average EPM of Yareel Android apk offer continues to grow and now is already $ 10.

    Do not miss the chance to earn your money!

    Welcome to MoneyLinks - Registration
    Offer Yareel3D in the system - link
    promo materials (banners, prerolls, etc.) - link
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