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MoneyLinks - Money for traffic!

Performance Affiliate Program with adult offers

  1. PushTip
    Programs Name:
    Visit Website
    Minimum Payment:
    Payment Frequency:
    • Net-15
    Payment Method:
    • Wire
    • Other
    Referral Period:
    What is the point?

    Yes, the immediate benefit is less than from the “gray” scheme. However, from the 3rd month you will feel the difference!

    What do we offer?

    • paid sites for adults, including additional purchases in one click inside
    • the only 3D dating game in the world for Android

    Selection options:
    • internal rating system
    • sorting by EPM
    • by keyword
    • by niche
    • by mobile ready

    Who need it?

    • those who want to earn more in a long run
    • those who are looking for more stability, not immediate income.
    • those who value the trust of their users
      for example traffic will be forwarded from own media resources
    • those who do not like to cheat

    Who don't need it?

    • arbitragers who prefer gray schemes with large instant income
      although the most adventurous of them can come in handy on our offers for one more traffic back to finish the traffic. Especially users tier 1 , who are smarter and are not interested in any PIN submissions, but are ready to pay for the real product.

    Synergy of communication

    • You have the opportunity to track the owner of each project within the system and chat with him, agree on special promo, new offers, etc.
    Promo Tools

    • Embed's (with subscription inside!)
    • Banners
    • Native Ad's
    • FHG
    • and other


    Skype: MoneyLiza_P
    Twitter: MoneyLiza_P
    Email: marketing@pushtip.com