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Yahoo Sucks!

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by Linda Buquet, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    Ever since it was announces that Yahoo was losing money a couple weeks ago, the site has been slow or does not work. I think they sold some servers to generate some revenue. :rolleyes:

    Today my email takes forever to load and then only without graphics. MyYahoo page won't load half the time and I've been trying for days to ping Yahoo the the server is forever busy - try later! It almost seems like they are getting such increased traffic they can't carry the load.

    Time to buy more servers!
    No wonder their revenue is down if you can't even hardly access the site.

    I always feel so much better after I vent to you guys!!! :p
  2. Voluum
  3. Ernest

    Ernest Affiliate affiliate

    Yeah, their web page loads really slow for me. I gave up on messing with them and just use my Gmail account. Plus I think Gmail is better.
  4. Lynn Quario

    Lynn Quario New Member

    The only thing I use with Yahoo is their messenger. I don't even use their email. I have heard other people complain about it.

    Do you have the new version Linda?
    I don't know if that is any better.

    I just started using Walla.com for my newsletters that I subscribed to but finding that my confirmation messages are bouncing back so thinking about trying Gmail to see if it is any better... :confused:

  5. Grimmaze

    Grimmaze New Member

    I haven't heard anythign about that Walla.com yet. Maybe I should try this thing as well.
  6. reina

    reina New Member


    Yeah, I agree with you Linda but for a different reason. Yahoo! is not completely accessible for the blind.

    For example, when creating an account, there is a place where you have to type graphical characters into a box to insure you are not a robot. Unfortunately, there is not a button to play a recording of the characters. Many sites have this recording so the blind can also participate. But, what Yahoo! has the blind person do is have you fill out a form for someone to get back to you from their staff to help you set up an account. That's a major inconvenience. And, as well as they are SUPPOSEDLY doing, they should be able to make that minor change.

    Anyway, Yahoo! is not at all popular in the blind community. The most popular providers so far among the blind are aol.com hotmail.com, comcast.net and verizon.net. That's how pitiful Yahoo! is! They can't even accomidate the blind in the smallest way. Oh, and about filling out that form, I did it and got no response. That's how industrious they are.