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(WTS) Gaming Forum 180529 Hits 3k Members

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by CoxysBlog.com, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. CoxysBlog.com

    CoxysBlog.com Affiliate affiliate

    I am selling a gaming forum, PM me for the URL, it got 180529 hits in JAN 08
    i cant see me spending anymore time on it as i am working on my day job aswell as some other sites

    it provides game cheats for popular FPS games, i can provide the source codes to our programs etc. Ive made 5k in the last 5 months (subscriptions died down around novemeber as i started to lose interest in it and not having enough time)

    I can provide screenshots from the admin section showing the revenue if anyone would be interested

    decent google status , if you PM me for the link and google the name you will see

    If you wanted to start a subscription based service on this website then it could be very profitable

    i offered 300$ per year subscription to a cheat that i found the source code publically and made some edits, took me about 15 mins to get the cheat online then flooded the subscribers, very niche section of gaming but could also be turned into gaming discussion with 3k members to potentially email and in my past 3 mass emails almost all members responded 2.5k +

    this sale is for all the websites content, domain name, program source codes and anything else that the website comes with along with (databases also)
    • Updated!
    What you will be getting:
    • Ownership of the domain name "skunkcheats.org"
    • Ownership of our content
    • Ownership of our forum database
    • Battlefield 2 Cheat Source Code (C++) (Also How-To-Compile Guide If Needed)
    • User Login Source Code (Works with the forum, if a user is in any of the VIP usergroups then they can login, if not they cant, when there subscription runs out they get put back into the members usergroup and not able to login. The login system also streams the hacks to users computers and hardware locks to them not allowing sharing of accounts)
    • C++ Cheat Program Programmers Contacts If You Ever Needed Help with Cheats Or A Coder To Add Things etc
    I was selling this at another forum to so this is copy paste, since then we have got the cheats back online from my coder who is working with the site for free (for now) so you will get the coder with the site

    Just contact me either by email or MSN, same email for msn

    [email protected]
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