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Write about something you know a lot about. That's the best way to get started.

I just finished an e-Book too. I'm doing rewrites now and will announce it in the Affiliate Guild forum when I launch it.

Just gotta picka topic and go with it and stay with it.

Good luck!


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The number one thing I've found when writing my ebooks is to NEVER write if you are in a bad mood.. This just kills the tone in your e-book.

Also write with personality, keep your reading interested in what your saying by using kind of edgy terms (nothing too offensive)..

Remember, your copy should not stop at your sales page. Use some bucket brigade copywriting techniques to keep your reader reading, like:

Imagine this was in an ebook that you are writing trying to explain bucket brigade copy:

If you don't know what this is, bucket brigade connectors, simply connect your paragraph seamlessly so there are not any hard stops, and they keep your reader flowing from one paragraph to another.

For example, a good way to start a sentence is to use the phrase "for example". By the way, another good way to keep the reader reading is to use "by the way".

And do you know what? Throwing in an occasional "do you know what" is a good idea along with ending some of your lines with three dots...

Listen... Using words like listen refocus your reader to what you're about to tell them. See, it makes them think this next paragraph must be really important!

You must be kidding, right?

No! I'm not kidding at all. Asking asking a question can keep your reader saying "yes" while reading your text. This makes the reader feel good when they find that they are on the same "page" (excuse the pun) as you... Do you know what I mean?

Of course you do. It's in a marketer's nature. That's why you probably even know using short five to six syllable sentences are excellent to break the monotony of complex compound sentences, that you sometimes have to read twice like this one...

And nobody wants to do that! Especially, when you should be keeping your paragraphs at a length of two to three lines. How do you expect to achieve this if you have huge run on sentences?

...Just ask yourself this one question

Were you anticipating the next paragraph of text so you knew what one question I wanted you to ask yourself? I bet you were, and don't try to deny it.

You get the point, yet?

You see, questions are a great way to keep your reader interested. Try some of these:

  • Isn't it?
  • Wouldn't it?
  • Don't you agree?
  • You probably feel the same way, right?
  • Right?
  • Shouldn't it?
  • Doesn't it?

...this stuff actually works

You know, bullets are an awesome way to break up text too! Can you believe that using bullets can add a 5% to your conversion rate if you were writing sales copy instead of an ebook?


Okay, I think I made my point!

Your next step is to go here:

Trust me, this is not my website, and I am in no way affiliated with this man. Just a good wholesome resource for you to enjoy.




Hi Clara,
Good luck with the ebook - what will it be about? If it's not top secret. ;)

As for my advice...

Keep it light and concise. Take the time to edit for brevity, clarity, and tone. As an avid ebook buyer and reader, it always irks me when an ebook is 200 pages long and it could have all been said in 90 or fewer pages. I've often found it takes more than one round of editing to catch the errors (and still, some will slip through).

Keep your audience in mind, their skill levels, and their personal needs. Speak to them instead of talking at them.

Don't underestimate the power of simplicity. Avoid overly decorative graphics and nothing beats good old fashioned black text on white background (this is from experience). Use images sparingly and only as necessary. It doesn't mean you shouldn't have any images, it just means you should ask yourself what the purpose is and whether having it will add anything to the ebook.

Typography matters. The font you use and the size will aid or detract from readability. Whitespace is also a good thing. I've found that great fonts (especially for printing) are Georgia, Apple Garamond, or Times New Roman at 12-14 pt. Play around with it until you find something comfortable.

Always assume it will be printed and bound. Different people will have different print set ups. That in mind, make sure that your margins will fit the widest range available (basically, have deep margins).

That's all I can think of off the top of my head, and I hope it helps :)

~ Teli
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- My advice is to choose the best time to promote your ebook,
- try to get content table and some other page as a free ebook and ask people to download this free ebook (did not give the most important thing jus an idea about what you will share with your readers).
- design of your ebook will help you, try to select different color and many other things not every time just content make difference design can make the difference and increase your income.


There are alternatives to pdf's for creating e-books and one free program which is quite handy can be downloaded free and fully functional from EbooksWriter

This program allows you to produce e-books as .exe files which can therefore be downloaded and read by anyone, even if they don't have Adobe on the machine they download it to. It's pretty intuitive to useand comes with a full manual too.

When promoting a free e-book, don't overlook the torrent sites either - making and uploading torrents is not difficult and can potentially expose your book to a much wider audience. To spread your book this way you'll just need a small piece of free software to create the torrent, a free bitorrent client (the software that allows you to upload/download bt files) then upload it to a site like for others to download and "seed" - in other words, continue to make the file available for others.

(don't be put off by the name, torrents are only dodgy if they involve trading of copyrighted material).

Good luck with the book!



That's true an .exe file is a viable alternative, but a lot of people are more savvy these days to how virus attacts get started. Many won't open an .exe files unless they're absolutely sure about it's contents. So, the PDF is still a little better choice for most.

Nice part for the author of an .exe file though, is it's much harder to steal the contents of that type of ebook.


One major concern I have about .exe e-books is that you'd alienate Mac users, unless they have BaseCamp or some PC compatible stuff installed.

I noticed that about 10-20% of my traffic is apple-based, so you might want to consider the demographics of your visitors too.

That's true an .exe file is a viable alternative, but a lot of people are more savvy these days to how virus attacts get started. Many won't open an .exe files unless they're absolutely sure about it's contents. So, the PDF is still a little better choice for most.

Nice part for the author of an .exe file though, is it's much harder to steal the contents of that type of ebook.

I now write my ebooks using a little program I wrote which makes an hta (hypertext application) and a webpage for Mac users. It has some encryption in it to help keep the honest folks honest which is about all you can do anyway without inconveniencing someone so much they don't want your book AND because it's has all attributes of an html page I can use live feed from iframes in the book for updates, have videos embedded etc!

I really hope more people get away from static pdf files Ebooks can be so much more than what they are now