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[FREE] Beginner Programming eBooks (JavaScript, Ruby, & C++)

Discussion in 'Programming and Scripts' started by c0mrade, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. c0mrade

    c0mrade Affiliate Newbie affiliate

    So I am new to AF and I would like to start off my time here by sharing something!
    First off I hope I am posting this in the correct forum, since it is Programming related I thought it best to post it here.

    These eBooks are all about learning to Program for Beginners, so if you have no experience coding/programming then these are for you!
    But these can also be helpful to even experienced programmers and coders!

    The JavaScript and Ruby books are especially good for anyone who is wanting to build their own website, or already has one and wants to improve it.
    JavaScript is very popular for interactive web design and stuff like that.
    And the Ruby on Rails Framework is just awesome for online web applications, sites like Twitter use the Ruby on Rails Framework.

    C++ Without Fear

    About the eBook -

    If you’ve always wanted to learn how to program a computer, or to learn the widely used C++ programming language in particular, C++ Without Fear, Second Edition, offers an ideal way to get you started.

    Written with the same approach that earned the first edition rave reviews, the author first emphasizes short, simple examples that are easy to enter; then, within a couple of chapters, he has you creating useful utilities, playing games, and using the computer to solve interesting puzzles. His approach is a welcome departure from many programming texts, which quickly get bogged down in complex and sometimes meaningless examples. You’ll find here, patiently explained and clearly illustrated, everything you need to learn programming quickly, and to have fun doing it!

    Yes, programming can be a complex task, and C++ is a language often used by professionals. In fact, many of the coolest games, graphics, and Internet applications are created with C++, and it’s even been used on the Mars rovers. But the language, like the monster pictured on the cover, need not be all that fearsome. Broken down to its essentials, and enhanced by simple examples, practical exercises, and the whys and tricks behind each language feature, you’ll be amazed at the rapid progress you can make.

    Virus Scan: Click HERE!
    Download: Click HERE!

    - Eloquent JavaScript -

    About the eBook -

    "A concise and balanced mix of principles and pragmatics. I loved the tutorial-style game-like program development. This book rekindled my earliest joys of programming. Plus, JavaScript!" —Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript

    JavaScript is the language of the Web, and it's at the heart of every modern website from the lowliest personal blog to the mighty Google Apps. Though it's simple for beginners to pick up and play with, JavaScript is not a toy—it's a flexible and complex language, capable of much more than the showy tricks most programmers use it for.

    Eloquent JavaScript goes beyond the cut-and-paste scripts of the recipe books and teaches you to write code that's elegant and effective. You'll start with the basics of programming, and learn to use variables, control structures, functions, and data structures. Then you'll dive into the real JavaScript artistry: higher-order functions, closures, and object-oriented programming.

    Virus Scan: Click HERE!
    Download: Click HERE!

    - Learn to Program Ruby, 2nd Edition -

    About the eBook -

    For this new edition of the best-selling Learn to Program, Chris Pine has taken a good thing and made it even better. First, he used the feedback from hundreds of reader e-mails to update the content and make it even clearer. Second, he updated the examples in the book to use the latest stable version of Ruby, and also to use code that looks more like real-world Ruby code, so that people who have just learned to program will be more familiar with common Ruby techniques.

    Not only does the Second Edition now include answers to all of the exercises, it includes them twice. First you'll find the "how you could do it" answers, using the techniques you've learned up to that point in the book. Next you'll see "how Chris Pine would do it": answers using more advanced Ruby techniques, to whet your appetite as well as providing sort of a "Rosetta Stone" for more elegant solutions.

    Virus Scan: Click HERE!
    Download: Click HERE!

    - Ruby Programming for the Absolute Beginner -

    About the eBook -

    Want to learn the fundamentals of Ruby programming but aren't sure where to start? Look no further! Ruby is a free, easy-to-learn, yet powerful scripting programming language that can run on any operating system. These attributes have made Ruby an extremely popular language in recent years for almost any programming task. Ruby Programming for the Absolute Beginner teaches you the basics of computer programming with Ruby through the creation of simple computer games. Not only will this "learn by doing" approach provide you with an instant sense of accomplishment, but it's also a fun way to learn. In addition to learning Ruby, you'll also learn the basics of computer programming, so you'll have a solid foundation from which you can confidently jump to other programming languages.

    Virus Scan: Click HERE!
    Download: Click HERE!

    Well there you go!
    Hopefully you guys can learn as much from these books as I did.
    Have a great day and as always, best of luck with your earning ventures!​
  2. newbidder
  3. Snoop

    Snoop Active Member affiliate

    Thanks for the links will check this out
  4. pickup

    pickup Affiliate affiliate

    Thank's man, i'll use it.

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