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Writing eBooks


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I'm considering writing an ebook and was wondering if anyone has had experience with this, and if so - can you recommend software or share any tips?

Initially I thought I'd just do a pdf eBook, but I see that most are not in pdf format. Which format is best?


Hi djaco99,

Yes, I've written several and I use eBookEditPro - They are very eays to use and they turn off the "copy/paste" function so others can't steal your work.

You start by creating your book in your favorite HTML program and then save the pages as .html files. Then eBook Edit Pro turns those files into an ebook.

The book functions just like a web page within the software and when you send people to external websites, the site stays within the software and people just hit the "Back" arrow to go back to your book.

It automatically turns your book into an .exe file so all you have to do is upload it to your site.

I love it. I have an older version (2003) so I'm sure they've improved it even more since I bought mine.

Linda Buquet

Hi djaco99,

(Edited to add - Thanks Lisa, we posted at the same time)

I don't work at all in the ebook space and most of the affiliates here play more in the retail product affiliate world. However someone may have some tips for you.
If I knew I would help you out.

Anyone else???


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Here is another vote for eBookEditPro, djaco99.

I have written a few and I've tried others in addition to eBookEditPro. But if it isn't my favorite, it is very close to it.

It is priced right now at $82.00. That might be more than you want to spend, I'm not sure. But you can get a free demonstration version to see if it is right for you. That might be worth a try.


Yes, eBook Edit Pro is definitely the best software for authoring ebooks. There are others out there, but if you want the easiest and the best, that's the one. Stay away from the "free" ones that make .chm (Windoze "help") files especially.


The only problem with .exe


The only problem with .exe is that you effectively remove a portion of your audience (those folks who are on Mac the Mac platform). I had several folk comment on that when considering buying my products. :cool:

I've always found that writing in Word and then pdfing it makes for a product that can be read across all platforms. There are lots of free pdf'ers available like

but I myself chose to go with Adobe Distiller - back when I tested out the different programs, I found the output was much smaller with Adobe.

Your mileage may vary,


Brandon Tanner

I think PDF is definitely the way to go these days. Alot of people won't even touch an exe file because of the potential for viruses.

I use OpenOffice to create PDF ebooks. Works great for me plus it's free. :)