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Wow! This is truly powerful stuff!


I never knew the exact formula of success until I did this.

When I watched "The Secret" (if you haven't seen it Google it and find any and all means to watch it) I came across one of the teachers John Assaraf that teaches the course "The art and science of achieving your life's goals and dreams"

That being said I wanted to share the most powerful information I learnt in this post.

I will always remember this quote "the people who are successful are the ones that have their brains wired properly", it might sound a little weird but it is very true.

Success is all about conditioning the mind to new beliefs, visions, dreams and goals and what ways do we do that?

Well, for the majority of my life I have been told to just write things down and look at them every day to establish a clear vision of what you want but their is just so much more.

Here are some things that people can try:

> Record your goals and ultimate life (your dream life) in an audio program and combine your recorded voice on top of motivational music and listen to it daily

NOTE: always record, write and think about things in the present tense as already achieved.

> Create vision boards. This could be of anything that you want to be, achieve or do when you are able to afford it, have more time doing so etc.

> Write down powerful affirmations an read them in front of a mirror

> Visualize your way towards success. Take any spare moment you have to imagine and visualize your dream life and what you would be doing.

> Write down new beliefs and declarations that you need to change in order to achieve your goals

For ex. a lot of us have limiting belief patterns that get in the way of what e want in our life and thus prevent us from achieving it.

These beliefs are a results of environment and what we believe to be true for ourselves and our lives. For ex. you could believe that you are not good enough and will never amount to much due to what people may have told you, you may believe that you are not worthy enough to have massive wealth and so on.

Now, we don't need to identify each and every of these moments and change the belief but rather do the steps above and all that will take care of itself automatically.

I found it extremely helpful to be absolutely clear what I want in life and condition my mind towards that new belief and vision multiple times per day.

I suggest looking at your goals and doing the reconditioning process once upon getting up, another time in the day time and right before you go to bed

You will see a dramatic change take place!

You can check out that course I talked about by searching "The Secret" on google or something and then browse the teacher section for John Assaraf if your interested in finding out more.

NOTE: This post in not intended to promote, endorse or sell any type of product or service as mentioned the the text. I am in no way affiliated with the course or any other company or products names mentioned in this post.


Thank you I appreciate the comment.

I didn't even proof read it! I guess speaking from
the heart really helps.


Thank you for sharing. I have been practising what you mentioned above, and I am seeing result .... What you listed up there are a very good summary. These are really good steps to apply the Law of Attraction.


It really boils down to following it and taking action...

Even with just your thoughts..

Looks like you've "discovered" The Secret for yourself...

Good Thoughts Attraction you have!

To Abundance!