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Wordtracker inaccurate competing information


Hi all,

I have a question about Wordtracker. Hope you can provide some advice. I have been using wordtracker for the last few days but still not very convince on its information accuracy.

For example. I did a search

Nos Engine Category Share KEI Count 24Hrs Competing Keyword
1 Google Search Engine 47.05 26896 164 100 1 direct flights from phx to bos

From above, it showed that for this keyword "direct flights from phx to bos", it has only one competing page.

To confirm it accuracy, I went to google and did a search on exact match of "direct flights from phx to bos" -- indeed it did show me 1 competing page, which is this url --

however, when I do a search without quote, it returns me thousand of pages and this is no where to be found. That means even content has exact match of "direct flights from phx to bos" will not appear on top position.

I understand the use of quote, however, seldom users will use quote to do a search in google, can I say using quote in wordtracker is useless? else how does it help in keyword selection?

Thanks for your advice in advance.



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The competeing site is accurate information. It is in understanding how default search results work that makes the difference.. You can target one phrase in search engines and end up ranking for hundreds or even thousands of keyword phrases. Once your site becomes an authority site for your top level keyword or phrase then you will start getting search results out of content.

This is where shear PR plays a roll. If you have more pr than the other sites getting top results for a certyain phrase that neither you or they are targeting directly then you get the higher position. The travel industry is a competetive market and i am sure since it is a low comp phrase with few searches a day that the more powerfull sites with the words or part of the words are defaulting in for that phrase from their content.

It is like a tie breaker, if only 1 site is actualy targeting the phrase, then there are a lot of open positions for them to fill, so then the algo just picks the strongest sites with the phrase in the site. and if no other site has the entire phrase, it finds as many words in the phrase as it can on websites and then ranks them in order of PR.

Hope this helps.

Word tracker is one of ther most accurate keyword tools on the market, and well worth th cost.