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Wordpress vs Joomla

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by praline, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. praline

    praline Affiliate affiliate

    Website development includes programming with open source such as Joomla or Wordpress.

    Wordpress handles content and easily installs plugins and templates. Joomla functions just as smoothly and can deal better with a higher amount of information. This is why I would prefer to use Joomla because of the amount of content it can handle since most of the websites I develop are text-heavy. How about you? Have you used either, and which would you prefer?
  2. Voluum
  3. CodeMaster67

    CodeMaster67 Affiliate affiliate

    I prefer wordpress because it's easier to use and it's not a pain in a touche. When I do projects for clients, I like to have things simple for the clients and I like simple organization.
  4. Nymph

    Nymph Affiliate affiliate

    Both Wordpress and Joomla are very practical content management systems that can easily serve a variety of functions other than blogs and forums, although they seem to be the primary use when people jump into these CMS. I think they coincide in many areas, and they can easily be extended to be more than mere forums or blogs thanks to the lovely developer base that manufactures plugins to create nearly any sort of website you can think of. However, there may be little differences like you and CodeMaster have pointed out. That is, the amount of information each can handle (depending on how optimized your sites are in terms of bandwidth and disk space usage), and slightly more or less complex organization methods.

    I use Joomla as much as Wordpress when it comes to ironing out a blog or forum, as they both have their ease of use as opposed to programming everything from scratch, but I haven't really noticed a difference in how much information either one can handle over the other. Then again, my sites are not very resource intensive.

    I don't think it is so much a matter of "vs." as it is a matter of preference.
  5. beachdesign

    beachdesign Affiliate affiliate

    I've been using WordPress for several years, and would love to experiment with Joomla. WordPress is a simpler / more widely used platform, so I'd preferabbly use this for my larger / more professional clients, where-as I would use Joomla for more creative projects. I'm going to look more into development with Joomla, but I'll most likely stick to what I'm most accustom to.
  6. protoboard

    protoboard Affiliate affiliate

    I prefer Wordpress over Joomla! It is very simple and easy to use. For my needs there's not a single thing that can't be done on Wordpress. I think Joomla! is confusing and really hard to configure to get it do exactly what I want. Ever since I tried Wordpress I haven't used Joomla! ever again.
  7. SimplySidy

    SimplySidy Affiliate affiliate

    I have worked with wordpress for years now. That should be one real reason to make me say that I prefer wordpress.
    For Joomla, it is a big application and can be quite a confusing thing for any starter. Wordpress is easier to manage as compared to Joomla. The big difference is that when there have been frequent updates to the Wordpress Application, there havent been too many on Joomla(though recently, there have been some new releases)

    Most of the plugins for wordpress are for free and that makes things easier unlike Joomla where you have to buy many to add glamor and glitz to the site. Same for the Themes.
  8. protoboard

    protoboard Affiliate affiliate

    For some people the reason for using Joomla is that it is a full CMS while Wordpress is more blog oriented but the truth is that Wordpress can be customized so it can become a CMS just as good as Joomla.
  9. thevirtualtraveler

    thevirtualtraveler Affiliate affiliate

    I have only used Wordpress but would not change that because of all the flexibility that is offered by the WP platform.
  10. NicheGuy

    NicheGuy Affiliate affiliate

    I can't speak of Joomla as I haven't tried it but in my opinion you'd be hard pressed to find much wrong and not relatively easy with Wordpress.

    In the past I've used Frontpage and Macromedia Dreamweaver but Wordpress, with ease of set up and thousands of themes and plugins, makes it so easy to get started building.

    For novices Wordpress won't be mastered easily but you have so many more options than something like Blogspot. Yes there is a learning curve depending on experience but Wordpress offers so much I'd never return to my old methods.
  11. danealegana

    danealegana Affiliate affiliate

    Any problems that would arise from Wordpress can be solved within a single click on Google. Thats what made me choose wordpress to use for most of my sites. The accessibility of information regarding the how to's and tutorials about this platform.

    Joomla on the other hand is the one I want to get my hands on but I got no time experimenting right now since my hands are full.