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Women Affiliates are from Venus

Linda Buquet

Found a little hidden gem this morning. I don't know anything about this affiliate - but I like the way she writes plus loved the subject line. Here's a great message for affiliate managers about how <strong>all</strong> affiliates, not just women want to be treated.

<blockquote><strong><a target="_new" href="">Dear Affiliate Manager, Women Are From Venus</a></strong>
"Affiliate Manager Question: My target market is women, and I?m having a hard time getting them to promote my products. They just seem unmotivated. I don?t get it. Does my affiliate program stink or am I recruiting bad affiliates?..."

"...So, yes, women are from Venus. You can decide to embrace it and reap the rewards, or ignore it and wonder why your affiliates aren?t motivated. It?s your choice. As an affiliate, I?m challenging you to embrace this information and run with it."</blockquote>

Nice Blog. What do you affiliates think? Did she hit the nail on the head?