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Martin Clifford and his partner sold the dating site udate to Interactive Corp. for $150 million in 2003. He has now started as a different kind of social networking site.

The idea with is to ask questions that can be answered either yes or no and allow other members to answer them. Members earn points for a chance to make it to the leaderboard for asking the most questions. Members are allowed to comment in order to better explain their yes or no answers.

You can also make "friends" at just as with some of the other social networking sites.

As time passes, people will figure out some smart ways to use to get more traffic to their sites or blogs without violating rules.

In case you are wondering, Martin Clifford is in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is registered in Dominica.

There is a application on Facebook that allows you to ask your Facebook "friends" questions.

Here is a link to in case you want to get a better idea as to what it is all about