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Winged Skull King with Scattered Bones PSDs (Characters)

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by GraphicRiver, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. GraphicRiver

    GraphicRiver Guest

    [sales]Winged Skull King with Scattered Bones PSDs (Characters)
    The Winged Skull King with his crown and swords and magnificent bone wings, will be the perfect addition to your spooky art work. The PSD file includes Five Winged Skull King figures, and five different scattered bones and skull stacks to surround him with, also on their own layers, for maximum edit ability. Each figure is between 3000 and 3400 px wide, and up to 3000 px tall, which at 300ppi resolution gives you a print size of 9.99 by up to 11.42 inches. This 3000 px tall, and 3427px wide PSD file has Ten layers for the Winged Skull King. Five separate layers for each Winged Skull King figure on a transparent background, and five separate layers for each of the scattered bone and skull stack layers. Each skull figure is grouped with it’s matching ground bone scatters as seen in the promos, however you can mix and match them as you please, or even use multiple layers of scattered bones to create an even spookier effect. As a bonus, I have also included the simple background that I created for the promo. The background group is also in layers, and includes a Gradient layer, a Moon layer, and Moonbeam layer, and a Photo filter layer, sot that they are completely editable, and parts like the moon or moon beams can be used in other images. Everything in this package was created by me in Poser Pro2012 and CS2 . Enjoy . Cactuskim

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