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Will this be profitable and could I get banned?


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So i own a domain with nothing on it right now but I’m wondering if it would be possible and profitable to run a single page website that has a button at the bottom that redirects the user to a cpa smartlink (I use MyLead and I love their Smartlinks). The money will mainly come from a bunch (Like a lot) of ads across multiple formats (popunder, push, pop, interstital, native, etc) which will be shown by three ad networks (Monetag, Adsterra and Adcash). I will then buy popunder traffic from cheap providers like propellerads or bidvertiser to the site. My question is will it be a profitable system and could it violate any tos of the websites. (Not MyLead as I know their terms well).
Well i dont think it will be a problem as many people redirect offers with a domain but i think it would be a good idea to contact the affiliate manager and telll him about your strategy ,just to be sure