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Why your Adwords Quality Score is Low - Per Google

Linda Buquet

From the horse's mouth... Affiliates - are you wondering why your Adwords Quality Score is Low? Google has just come out with more in-depth landing page quality guidelines. Over at the <strong><a target="_new" href="">Inside Adwords Blog</a></strong> they tell us exactly what types of websites may merit a low landing page quality score.
<strong>Of particular note to affiliate marketers they list:</strong>

Affiliates that don't comply with our affiliate guidelines :: Data collection sites that offer free items, to collect private information :: Arbitrage sites that are designed for the purpose of showing ads :: eBook sites that show frequent ads :: Get-rich-quick sites :: Comparison shopping sites

On a page I had not seen before, they list some <a target="_new" href="">other affiliate policies</a>:
<blockquote>We do not allow <strong>data entry affiliates </strong>to use AdWords advertising, but all other affiliates may participate in the AdWords program. <strong>However, we monitor and don't allow the following:</strong>

* Redirect URLs: Ads that contain URLs that automatically redirect to the parent company.

* Bridge Pages: Ads for web pages that act as an intermediary, whose sole purpose is to link or redirect traffic to the parent company.

* Framing: Ads for web pages that replicate the look and feel of a parent site. Your site should not mirror (be similar or nearly identical in appearance to) your parent company's or any other advertiser's site. </blockquote>
Maybe I'm slow on the uptake, but I don't quite get what <a target="_new" href="">data entry affiliates</a> are.
Maybe some type of get paid to place ads scam??? The page says:

"Don't advertise for data entry affiliate programs. Advertising is not permitted for the promotion of data entry affiliate programs. This includes ads directing users to sites that promote the creation/data entry of more ads that direct users to the same site. There are no exceptions to this policy, which is intended to protect both advertisers and AdWords users."