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Why is still has no page rank?


Is it normal that after 4 months a site still has no page rank assigned to it or rather a rank of 0.

I have requested many links although many have not shown up yet when queried under line:sitedomain.

Just looking for input.


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montyauto, you have asked this identical question several times over the past few weeks in different forums and received answers. I also answered it in one of the forums. Here are some of the answers you have previously received:
Page rank depends on how many links you have towards to your website from other websites and also the time period the site has been around. Therefore, try to get many links as you can from other sites. It will be helpful to increase your page rank.
Depends if you have no quality links, you can not get any PR at all.
just get related links and get one way links to your site.. create a related blog and put a link to your site.
yes, it is normal. and it depends on your site. it can take even more months if your site is not really optimize.
yes, it is normal! but in the 6 nonth you can get PR
don't get upset
That isn't unusual. You are talking about the visible PageRank. That is the green that people see in the Google Toolbar or other sources that display the Google PageRank.

The visible PageRank is only updated every 3 or 4 months. However Google actually keeps track of it on a regular basis. What is displayed as the visible PageRank is really always a little old. Of course, some sites may take a number of months before they are indexed.
I am no expert on pageRank i'm afraid - but it sounds to me like a time thing. You will see a difference when your backlinks start to be recognised maybe? Four months sounds like no time at all in SEO terms.
Give it time. The only thing you can do is build quality backlinks. The rest is in Googles hands. How many links do you have at Yahoo? This is a much better picture of the links you have accumalated. If you do in fact have links of value I am sure they will be reflected in the next update. Many times it takes one or two updates to show.
Hi Monty, yes the guys avove have it spot on. I'm afraid it's a quirk of the way that Pagerank is assigned.

Although the last pagerank update was at the start of this year, it was actually a snapshot from data that was taken at least a couple of months before that. The actually pagerank figures that we're seeing now are out of date by around 3-4 months.

As long as you've been building links to your site you should be seeing PR at the next update.
Well currently the PR update is going on so you might see the changes soon.
just improve your link might change on the next update
It usually takes 2 cycles of the PR toolbar update for you to see the PR go up - unless your site gets a ton of traffic on a regular basis.
just improve your backlink and google is updating this month
my advice to you to improve quality & relevancy of backlinks
Depends on your backlinks, Google updates in 3 months or more, so keep on building links with high PR sites.
You have to improve your link popularity. Get more backlinks and don't stop working in your SEO. As everyone says SEO is a continues process.
Check all your partner links if they have linked with you.

Hope things will go smooth with you
Write useful article and submit it to article submissions site, gather more potential link partners.

Do not spam.
it is possible, it depends on your link popularity.

increase your popularity, get relevant back links to increase your PR.
its really hard to have a PR dont focus on it that much.. ive read that google chaging there algo about PR.. coz of the site owner focus on PR.. everyone going to have PR if they going to have a quality links and popularity.