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Why has the Overture Keyword selector slowed down?


New Member
Has anyone had any problems with the Overture Keyword selector?

It seems that lately the search for keywords has slowed to a crawl.

Are there less keywords in inventory or is it the browser I'm using?

I use IE, Firefox and sometimes Opera.

Just curious.




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I noticed the same problem and infact for last couple of months I've not been able to get any results at all. It might be heavily overloaded. I now use a different tool.


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Yahoo recently stated that this tool is still around until they replace it with a new one they are working on that they say is much better. They have indicated they hope to have the new one available later this year.

Yahoo also stated that the present tool is having response problem because of the large number of people wanting to use it and this is sometimes causing time outs and error pages.

According to Yahoo, people can continue to use the tool at

If you are interested in some other keyword selection tools, you will find several listed in this 5 Star thread