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Which tools do you use for SEO?


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I am using the most basic tools for SEO, which are Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools and Keyword eye. Of course I do have a few extensions for my Google Chrome as well to get quick updates. Which tools do you use for search engine optimization?
I used white Hats, forum posting, social bookmarking usually write an article cause visitors always take keen interest in reading my articles.. :D
I use for Seo the follow tools:
Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool
Google Insights for Search
Google Correlate
Google Related Searches
Are these tools considered "industry standard" for this line of work? I am also curious, are all those tools compatible with the various different web browsers? Or are they optimized for Chrome?
There are hundreds of resources with good tips on where to begin with SEO. When the tools come into focus, there are not many completely free tools. For example, for backlink checking I use partially free MajesticSEO and back up it with completely free MoonSearch.