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Which is better, to email from a dedicated server or a VPS?


Which is better the dedicated or vps to mail from?

I know that the dedicated server is higher in price; but what are the benefits as an e-mailer?

Is it better to have many vps's and route the ips on it?
Is it better to have one dedicated server and route the ips on it?

Don Sales

I would go with a vps. It requires less technical configuration and it is easier to maintain and less expensive.
With vps you have everything you need from a server.
The only difference vs dedicated server is that with vps you are sharing the same physical server with someone else. However the resource allocated to you belongs to you only and there is no conflict with others vps running on the same physical server. So it only comes to the server capacity you need.
VPS is a virtual dedicated server, let's put it that way.

Andre Houston

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So the Dedicated Server is suppose to give a dedicated resources: RAM, CPU and its good when you are a high volume sender.

A good common setup uses:

01 Dedicated server as a mother server or master server. and multiple VPS's from different provided connected to the master server. those VPS's are children. So you would be Tunneling network/connection from the VPS to the master server so you can use the IPs of those child servers

this setup is easy to scale and replace.


I would also go with VPS here, I bet if it will be banned somehow since I assume you may do it really with ease or something like that for example. So it's cheaper to change it in the long run as well. If that is all you really need go with good VPS.


In my opinion, I prefer VPS. It's considered as a light version of a dedicated server. It allows you to try out the most premium of hosting options. These are some main reasons explaining why VPS is far better than dedicated hosting
1. Low cost
2. Security
3. Great technical support

T J Tutor

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It is advisable to use an email processor if you are sending bulk emails. Especially if you are bulk emailing frequently. Processing bulk emails with your own server is insane.

Try this: CleverReach


I would use the VPS mainly because of the low cost. You can get windows vps hosting now for a price as low as $4. That's the best deal you will get now, and it will work well for sending emails. If you want to cut the costs, even more, you can switch to Linux because Linux servers cost even less.
VPS servers will work as well as dedicated servers for email sending, and it makes no sense to pay more money for the dedicated ones.
Choosing to have many VPS servers and routing the IPs on them is a much better choice. You will need to have clean IPs for sending emails, and more servers are a better choice.
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♕ Lord Krafty ♕

AWS SES!!!!! they give 62,000 emails/month free
It is nicely paired with Sendy & a few more applications, Sendy's the #1 though. Sendy needs the own server (any cheap hosting works) & processes the emails with your own server & mails via API. I have a 4gb vps & its able to mail around 150 people/second.

eventually you will need new ip addresses & aws lets you purchase the ips @ $2 each.
it needs a little setup but its totally worth the time. Every email will reach the inbox & its free other then domains / ips.
I know the guy who created sendvyper skype: meta fever or metafever (Michael), nice helpful guy & the richest guy I know, does like $25,000+/day in profit & I've seen it, just say like Randy sent you (or this guy who does 3k+ with email marketing & will give some free tips: skype: lior pardo) & metafever would BUY ses accounts lmfao. I created 2 clients programs which email from multiple gmails & gmx mails & I have a almost 50,000 mailing list. AWS SES is the #1

Special tips:
My friend always emailed samples first making sure the email gets inboxed & remember to test gmail & aol & yahoo etc.
He said to test headlines & email creatives with 2% > 5% the email list first & get the best converter.
similarly if you are purchasing email lists, first test the list quality with small samples & a proven campaign.
& he drip-feeds the emails, I am unsure how many people you are emailing, I would research drip feeding.
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