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Where to buy Ebooks to give away for email marketting



Here's a tip:

You can also get leads just by having a opt-in form stating to sign up for the "upcoming" release of (insert ebook here).

You'll be surprise the amount of leads you'll get for offering basically "nothing" at the moment.

And when you do have them on your list, send them a survey to find out what they are expecting from your ebook which you can then gather ideas to write a book for exactly what they want :ninja:


You can get them here

Please recommend best place to buy ebooks to give away, how to find? :confused:


You can download up to 500 as a free member. I joined for $23 for 3 months if I remember correctly. About time for me to renew.

As a gold member you have access to:

Over 4400 books
Over 800 software & scripts
Over 800 videos
And 1000's of graphics and articles

For the price, it's not bad. You can resell a lot but there are some that is just for personal use, NOT FOR RESELL. Just make sure you read the RIGHTS, before distributing.