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Where is the best place to go


New Member
Hi! I am new to the "affiliate manager" life. We have recently just launched the program and I am trying to learn the best places to introduce our program. There are so many I want to make sure that we are in the right direction. What an incredible learning experience this is for me.

We are a wine specialty site that sells a wide variety of fine wines and quality accessories, and our customer service is the best in the industry. While we deal with many known brands (Dom Perignon, Mondovi, Silver Oak, etc.) we also seek out specialty wine makers which produce low production, food friendly wines and become their outlet. Most of the wines we feature are not in mass markets and are hard to find. We also offer quality accessories; phenomenal wine clubs and we have worked very hard to categorize gifts in our exclusive Love's Perfect Gift? finder. We are offering a 10% commission on qualified sales to our affiliates.

Any thoughts? :confused:


Linda Buquet

Hi Laurie,

Welcome to 5 Star and thanks for sharing your program with us. Love your site and the concept. I think you should do well.

I do recruiting and promotion for a living so can give you a couple places to start.

1) You can post a new program intro further down in this forum.
2) You can post a new program intro in the WebProWorld affiliate forum. (I'm the mod and allow it.)
3) Submit one form and get listed at Affiliate Programs directory NETWORK which includes a listing in all 5 of their traffic directories. I have my 5 Star site listed there and get lots of good targeted traffic. One form and your program instantly gets listed on all 5 high traffic directories.

Some other affiliate forums allow announcements. Some are worth it and some are not. Some you have to pay or have a certain number of posts. Then of course there are a ton of other directories, but most of the free ones won't get you too much traffic.

Feel free to give me a call for a free consult if I can help.

Hang around here too, come back often to ask questions. Put a nice little 2 line ad in your signature with a live link and it will get seen by quite a few affiliates.