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Affiliate Links

You can promote an affiliate link just about anywhere

Be careful...

Because if you just take a "bare" affiliate link e.g.
Then everyone else in the world is going to know it is an affiliate link, and therefore they will chop your affiliate code off and just go to
Meaning you will make nothing for your efforts

First thing is get your affiliate codes protected so that your affiliate link doesnt not show up anywhere i.e. not in the address bar, not in the status bar - no where

Just a little bit of software or code will sort this for you

Choose your affiliate programs with care

Are you sure the particular affiliate product you are trying to sell really will sell to the audience you are marketing to? Don't assume anything online

You need to get a match between the advertising vehicle you are going to use, and the product you are going to sell.

Of course you can do this automatically on search engine style pay per click advertising, but this is very expensive because you will need lots of clicks to get a sale - so you probably wont make a positive ROI

Some affiliate products will need close to 300 clicks to generate a single sale - it used to be alot lower e.g. more like 100 or even 50 a few years ago, but things have become more difficult as the affiliate competition has hotted up i.e. every man and his dog promoting the same products

If I were you I would test and track which affiliate programs are actually working for you, and use some free advertising methods especially text ads, where you get free impressions of your ad by displaying other peoples ads on your website
There are a few text ad systems that let you do this - you can also upgrade and pay for impressions

You could also try targeted niche ezines e.g. email newsletters which specialize in whatever your product area is

Generally its best to stick to just a few affiliate programs e.g for me most of my income comes from the same 2 or 3 affiliate programs. So I just find the programs that are paying me a cheque, and them promote them as much as I can