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When to bail on a PPC Campaign

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click' started by ArcadEd, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. ArcadEd

    ArcadEd Affiliate affiliate

    So I've been at this for about a week, trying to get my feet wet in PPC and SEO.

    My question today is PPC. When do you when to bail on a campaign? For example I have several running 7search right now, and all have clicks but no money generated. I wanted to make sure I wasn't bailing, but it seem to me if you are spending more money than the ad is making back after a few days then it's never really gonna pan out, right?

    For example I have one that is 247k Impressions - 586 Clicks - 1 Lead _$2.60) - $28 spent.

    It's safe to assume that ppc is not working, and not working because it's not converting, not because the ad isn't getting clicks, right?

    Another example
    3,700 Impressions - 69 Clicks - 0 Leads ($4.40) - $9 spent.
    I can assume that if in $9 spent I am not getting 3 leads then it's not worth it. Right?

    I am homing in on my keywords to and moving from 200 to 10 after a few days.

  2. newbidder
  3. david15923

    david15923 Affiliate affiliate

    My opinion: you should kill the first 1 and keep the 2nd one. In the first 1 you've spent a lot of money, and you tested it and it seems it is converting very bad. The 2nd one you still need to test it a little more because you never know. You migh have a conversion in the 70th click and another one on the 72nd click. Get at least 100 clicks and then delete them if you think you can't make it work.
  4. ArcadEd

    ArcadEd Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks. So 100 clicks is a good number to judge from.
  5. ryder553

    ryder553 Affiliate affiliate

    I like to spend around 3-4 times the CPA of an offer before I know whether or not it will convert.
    This may only work on PPV, but I'm sure it's similar for PPC as well.
  6. mydream2

    mydream2 Affiliate affiliate

    Stick with number 2 and try a few different landing pages or if direct link try a few different ad copies to see which best, I have found with 7search free offers work best, especially well known brands like mcdonalds, subway ect...7search can work but a lot of Freebie seekers, i tried insurance and dating but bombed pretty bad.

    Good Luck,
  7. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Yeah 7search is definitely more suited to the short form or submit offers! The traffic sing great but its very cheap!
  8. java

    java Affiliate affiliate

    This is data you have invested in, you cannot Fail!
    "586 Clicks - 1 Lead _$2.60" now here are my questions...
    Do you know what kw converted?(don't tell us the kw just tell us you have this data.)
    From this 1 lead how many clicks were from that kw?
    -so then that would give you a smaller ratio.

    "Another example
    3,700 Impressions - 69 Clicks - 0 Leads ($4.40) - $9 spent. "
    How many ad copy(Text Ads) have you made for this?
    Are you running direct linking? (have you tried rotating related offer?)
    If landers, have you tried different copy/colors/headers/images?
    How tight are your kw's grouped up?

    Tip. I found out of 10 campaigns i make, only 2 sometimes 3 turn out to be winners.
    This is running 1k clicks to all 10 campaigns.
    3 Ad text each, sometimes rotate related offers (when i find some that are related to the ad text copy)
    Once i see one or two leads/conversions, start building a lander.
    2 to 3 landers each the landers could just look as plain as this (test header, image, bg color)
  9. widmaer

    widmaer Affiliate affiliate

    Java... If you don't mind, what would be the purpose here of building a LP? I can see a little presell needed but in a case of a short email/zip submit ..unless do you actually increase the CTR with the extra step?
  10. java

    java Affiliate affiliate


    I mostly use ppv for arbitrage, bizops, credit, software, ecigs... no email only or zips. So sending directly to the offer i find i can loose a lot of monies.
    I know their are guys out there running profitable DL campaigns and banking hard. I would find it would take more then my budget to start finding one offer that converts.

    When building a LP I'm able to track more, have peelaway ads, track users heat clicks, and much more. more data to work with rather then using DL.
    Also running with easy-prepop form JVC. this script does wonders. to be able to capture my own leads in the process of sending the user to the offers with it auto populates their info is nice.

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