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What type of ecommerce lead is more valuable to you?


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Hi all, I've been thinking of ways to build my brand using Facebook ads.

What's a higher quality lead to you in the context of getting ecommerce sales:

1) Sweepstakes leads that you get from running a product giveaway contest. Eg you offer the subscribe a chance to win your product for free. The product solves a problem the subscriber has.

2) sales qualified leads. With the sales qualified leads (SQL), you offer a 50% discount in exchange for their email address. The product you're offering solves a problem they have and they're interested in learning more about your product.

Which type of lead is more likely to convert to sales?

The theory is that Sales Qualified Leads are basically warm traffic and are easier to convert to sales compared to marketing qualified leads.

I'm not sure what traffic temperature giveaway contest leads are however.

P.S. my cost per lead has always been higher with Sales Qualified Leads. One way to combat this cost is by remarketing to my brand's fan page fans. So, let's say they like my page about Dogs, and I show the people who liked my page a FB Lead Ad that offers a discount for a dog toy that I'm dropshipping from China.

My cost per lead for giveaway contests has always been much lower.

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P.S. my cost per lead has always been higher with Sales Qualified Leads
It only maters what you pay for a lead in relation to the sales you will get. One time or a repeat buying customer.

Statistically, you need to know, or have a good estimate of, a conversion's (read: customer's) median lifetime profit value.

Without meaningful, real and verifiable data; you are just rolling the dice.