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What tools should i use to build my webpage?


I signed up with yahoo and they offer sitebuilder. I read someone here wrote that Microsoft new software is good. What should i use?

Joseph Ratliff

<b>5 Star Success Guru</b>
Do a Google search for NVU, that is an excellent free website builder based on the What You See Is What You Get concept. I would have typed the address here for you, but for some reason my keyboard is doing a "quick find" when I type the back slashes :(


building Your Website

You don't need any fancy website builders
They all produce lots of code you don't need

I spend countless hours every day taking out all the trash code that these website builders produce

Producing your own website is as easy as ABC

All you need is to start off with a simple style sheet and then add your content in between paragraph tags

People seem to try to make HTML and PHP so complicated when it is just a 5 min job, to get your website done - I am not joking

Have a look at one of my YouTube videos on how to create your own webpage and its really easy stuff

Remember the most important part of web development is the niche or theme you choose for your website - choose thew wrong one and you will be competing with hundreds of millions of other sites, and your chance of getting a high listing will be zero - meaning your traffic will be virtually zero as well


You could always buy a template, too. Then you wouldn't have to mess with an editor. Just a thought!