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What SSL do you prefer ??

Discussion in 'Domains and Hosting' started by storminternetuk, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. storminternetuk

    storminternetuk Affiliate affiliate

    What SSL do you prefer a Domain SSL or a Hostname SSL?
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  3. euro-space

    euro-space Affiliate affiliate

    I guess this is not a correctly asked question - SSL certificates normally are being issued for a domain, multiple domains or subdomains (wildcard). So if one installs a certificate on the servers' hostname and shares it, other users (on a shared server) could use that, but only by accessing their website through servers' hostname. Of course it is better to have your own SSL certificate issued only for your domain(s).
    There are also different types of SSL certificates: eg. Domain validated, Organization validated, with Extended validation (EV), etc. and cheapest (only EUR 11.99 /yr.) could be only domain validated - Cheap SSL Certificates
  4. storminternetuk

    storminternetuk Affiliate affiliate


    I would say both can go hand in hand.

    Hostname SSL: Should be used for services like Control panel URL, Email services, etc
    Domain SSL: Used as they defined and used based on a individual sites.

    Here, this can be categorized for all clients in following ways.
    Shared servers will have one main SSL i.e the hostname SSL that can also be used a Shared SSL for customers who cannot afford a dedicated SSL.
    All VPS or Dedicated server clients can make use of this if they have a business critical email.

    StormInternet UK:)
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  5. Localnode

    Localnode Affiliate affiliate

    I prefer Comodo. I was going to choose Symantec, but they issue their EV's oddly.
    So, Comodo for now. EV's are really nice, and for $99 from Comodo - you really can't go wrong.

    Only reason I would have chosen Symantec is the added trust - and they give you a nice "Norton Secured" seal in search. So once they update their issuing rules - I will most likely switch to them.
  6. RadWebHosting

    RadWebHosting Affiliate affiliate

    Symantec is definitely the most respected, but they are also the most expensive. Comodo will provide the same encryption, albeit much lower warranties, for a cheaper rate. Comodo certs are definitely the most popular with our clients.
  7. Rackend

    Rackend Affiliate affiliate

    If we are talking about web hosting it would be only domain SSL. Hostname SSL mainly used for system administration purposes I believe.