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What should I use for research on my content for my blog ?

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by torat hossain, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. torat hossain

    torat hossain Affiliate affiliate

    In bloging, what should i use for research ? wich component i should use for this ? book ? wikipedia ? or other..... please suggest me. you can share me your expiriance about it. What do you use for this ?
  2. Voluum
  3. Paultaylor1235

    Paultaylor1235 Affiliate affiliate

    very first you must read the competitor's website blog or anyone's website blog... a website blogs contain the clear information.
  4. Shantanu Roy

    Shantanu Roy Affiliate affiliate

    Write whatever your mind/heart says, express yourself, e.g. it can be a travel blog, food blog, bike/car blog, custom pc blog, mobile photography, etc or research competitor's blog, see what they are writing about, do an audit of their site using SEOprofiler, websitegrader, etcand find out from where they are getting the back-links (do-follow & no-follow).
    Have you heard of canva? This is a great tool to start designing custom infographics as per your niche.
    Try becoming a guest author on Search Engine Land/Watch/Journal or Social Media Today/Week/Examiner or wearesocialmedia to post your unique content, these are examples relevant to my niche i.e Search Engines & Social Media, yours might vary according to niche.
  5. roycpo

    roycpo Affiliate affiliate

    First of all you have to research your competitor's website and gather different ideas for utilizing yours in a better way.