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What kind of support that AM can provide?

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by overtop, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. overtop

    overtop Affiliate affiliate

    You all said that AM are very kind, very generous, all the amazing work they have done for affiliates, while I don't feel it at all.

    I work with two affiliate networks, my AMs did nothing but approved my offer request.

    I am not mad about that, but I just want to know what exactly can AMs do for you, except for recommending me offers weekly which I can also read from their newsletter.

  2. newbidder
  3. shasha

    shasha Affiliate affiliate

    For e.g. They will also help you in finding good traffic networks,etc. Ask whatever you want, they will give you a prompt answer.
  4. captain47

    captain47 Affiliate affiliate

    Most affiliate networks pay their AM's based on Performance. i.e. they get paid a basic salary + incentive based on how YOU perform. So don't be surprised if they do not give you preferential treatment until you are making serious bucks.

    Plus they deal with a shit load of affiliates. Imagine 100+ affiliates pinging them for this and that. It gets annoying.

    And very few of them have actual Affiliate Marketing experience. Think about this, if they were truly successful affiliate marketers, why would they work for a company as an AM? So when it comes to giving solid advice, they are pretty clueless. Not all though.

    But, they have a holistic view to the entire market. They see what works and what doesn't. They can recommend you traffic sources for a particular offer because they know where that offer has been working. They can recommend offers that match your traffic source of choice as well.

    They can help you brainstorm ideas and angles. They approve a lot of landers and ads, so they see a lot of Ads and landers. Of course, they are not gonna just give it to you, unless they know that you will make good money with them. But you can extract it out of them over a conversation. Throw off ideas and ask them for suggestions ;)

    Basically, they will help you in every way they can as long as you can make them feel that you are worth their time.
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  5. hvbeladiya

    hvbeladiya Affiliate Affiliate Manager affiliate

    We are an affiliate network, providing premium support to our affiliates.

    AM can help you to approve offer, advice to best way to run campaigns, can suggest you best performing campaigns, can give you financial report everything will be your AM when you join any network.

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