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What Javascript Frameworks do you use?



Nowadays you can do anything with Javascript and it's something every programmer comes across especially in web development.

With so many options such as JQuery and Angular JS what do you guys use and what type of stuff do you do with it.


AngularJS is probably my favourite, it just seems to have the nicest (read: least verbose) templating/data-binding syntax. Just a couple of curly brackets inserted into the usual HTML and you're ready to go.

Compare this to Backbone.js, where you can easily end up with an extra 1000 lines of code (on top of your existing code-base) just to do the same thing. Then again, Backbone is (as per the name) just a bare-bones framework, so I guess it's not really fair to compare them on these terms. Perhaps Backbone.js combined with something like Epoxy.js would be a better comparison.

That said, lately I've been trying to get away from using frameworks. Javascript has matured quite a lot over the last few years, with support for lexical scoping, promises (woohoo! No more endless callback chains!) and so on. It's actually quite refreshing, getting back to the core language features.

I still tend to use jQuery in most of my projects though. It's nice not having to worry about browser differences, or checking for querySelector support and whatnot.