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What is The 3 Most Needed Software Need By An Affiliate Marketer?


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This question is pondering in my mind today so I decided to post in this forum to ask for your opinion of the question:

"What Is The Most Useful/Needed Software Needed By An Affiliate Marketer?"

In my mind right now, I can only think of affiliate link cloaker and affiliate link organizer? What are your thoughts?


I totally agree with Cashadventure.

But I would say a reliable metrics tool, so you can analyse your data.


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I understand that this is my first post to the forum. Well I have searched around and really enjoy the feel and look of this forum.

As for the three most important things an affiliate needs, I must say that you hit the nail on the head with the cloaker and the organizer; however, some kind of ad tracking system would also be very useful. Not to mention that a creative way of advertising is also a must.

A lot of individuals are really starting to frown upon clickbank; however with their new developments that they have installed to their tracking systems and such clickbank is still the grand daddy of them all. I enjoy my checks that come every two weeks. Along with the couple of little side items that organize the feel of clickbank really helps a lot.

Thank you...


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That Great To Hear From All Of You...

Wow great to hear from you guys response. Hi noveltytease, having check from clickbank every 2 weeks indeed is a great motivation. I can't agree more with you. :)


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Hi Johntan,

All the tools suggested in the previous post are great. I would add another one (my preferred one) I use everyday is simply a paper agenda!

Seriously, I write everyday/week what I will do, like a "to do list" and when I realize my goal, I can put a mark or cross it and that makes me feel I have accomplished something and that helped me move forward in my affiliate business.

For example, this week (typical), I will write a new article and put in on my blog, or make 10 new submission to high traffic directoties, or I will make 20 forum posts this week. That's the kind of thing I write and I do.

Also, you can write personal thoughts or inspirations stuff as well.

Good luck!