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What is information technology?


Hello Everyone,
What is Information technology? What does it mean when a third world country, says it wants to make its students to have these skills? Does it mean learning like software engineering or is it like an umbrella term which can also mean to teach students basic computer skills and how to use some office documents.
How do I look up information on the web? Is me asking a question on yahoo answer an example of the use of Information Technology? Let's say I want to find what was the first computer science department in the USA, where would I start, by googling it first? ? Yahoo answers?

Serious educated answers please.
Thank You


Information Technology (IT) - all forms of technology that involves any form of electronic data (computers, storage, networking, etc.)

As for a third world country wanting their citizens to have skills within this certain area is great! The more people skilled in technology the further we will advance and innovate.

You may lookup all sorts of information on the web corresponding to this area of interest, Yahoo! Answers isn't the best place to go since there is a likely chance getting false information but there are other places to get it also. Technology discussion boards, videos, guides, blogs, etc.

Also googling and searching up answers to your questions is something that everyone interested in IT does a lot.