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What happened with StatsRemote?


Hello, somebody knows what happened with StatsRemote software?

It stop working since 1 month ago and now it's impossible to open the software. Also I sent some emails to support but no response.

Any update would be appreciated :(


I was wondering the same thing. Program won't open, no one replies to support and emails come back as mailbox is full.

Usually, Neil was very quick to respond to all questions and concerns. I hope he is okay.


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I've never used it but poked around a bit to see what I could find out. Sounds like the owner is MIA. Who knows, maybe passed away or something.

Anyway, I read that the site's SSL certificate has expired but if you can get around that error with a debugging proxy and download the certificate, you can still get in.

Another method I read about involved setting your computer's clock back.

Something to note is that I also read that the stats don't look like they're updating.

Regardless of what has happened, you should make sure that you aren't still making monthly payments.


Yeah, I cancelled my subscription. It's unfortunate but who knows if and when it will ever be back up and running normally again.

I'm trying out NiftyStats now. I actually like the UI better but there are a lot of programs missing that I want to track.

There's a post on the GPWA forum about the StatsRemote situation and a lot of people have moved over to NiftyStats too. They said they are adding new programs quickly if you make a request. So it's worth a try if anyone is looking for an alternative.


Here is how to bypass the expired certificate and open need to download the certificate and import it into your java keystore...

download the certificate with openssl

openssl s_client -connect > certfile.txt

open certfile.txt and only keep the -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- to -----END CERTIFICATE----- and save again

now find your java home directory and your cacerts keystore file

keytool -import -alias statsremote -keystore "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_66\lib\security\cacerts" -file C:\statsremote\certfile.txt

it will ask you for your keystore password

Enter Keystore Password: changeit

Trust this certificate? [no]: yes

Certificate was added to keystore

now you should be able to open statsremote and load your stats.

I'm not sure what happened to statsremote, but after multiple attempts to contact with no luck. I really hope that he is alright, I hope that by writing might help keep this program alive. It really is a great program, well worth the money i've spent on it over the years.

I first tried to import the certificate into my java settings gui, and add to the exempt sites list. Then i tried setting my clock back, and i was able to open the program but it thought it was jan 5th or whatever....after i set my clock back i was still getting cert errors.

Anyways I hope this helps people, I really hope that statsremote shows signs of life. It would probably be smart to start moving over to Nifty Stats. I just downloaded it the other day, seems like the obvious replacement. I work mostly in adult, and it seemed like a pretty decent success rate and has some interesting new features. I just started using it, but if you haven't signed up yet
;) thanks


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Hello, many users have switched to us in Nifty Stats, when I asked them what had happened with Stats Remote they did not know, maybe dead, or some financial problems, but nobody knows.


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There was a lot of chatter about Stats Remote on another board I frequent. There was a lack of response starting around November. The SR domain renewed on 01/27/17, though.

Most folks there seem to have ended up switching to NiftyStats. The support team from NS was actively working with former SR users to help them migrate over, and they were very open to suggestions from former SR users as to features they wanted to see added.

Ballin has been busy spreading the word about how to get around the expired certificate. I know lots of people are very appreciative of that! :) I love seeing your gentleman octo everywhere!


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Affiliate Manager
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