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What Fairs to Attend in 2016?

Discussion in 'Events and Networking' started by Addiliate.com, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. Addiliate.com

    Addiliate.com Affiliate affiliate

    The world is a small place and doing business is every day a more global affair. In order to grow faster, Addiliate.com is active in over 30 countries with +900 exclusive campaigns and more than 6,500 dedicated (super)affiliates.

    Its important for us to meet our clients face to face. Dealing over the phone, email and skype is fine with us most of the time, but we prefer to go a step further, and will therefore travel the world to meet with our current and potential clients in a 'traditional, old-fashion' one on one meeting. Of course you can always stop by our office when you are in Barcelona (we will invite tapas and beers!) but if you can't make it to Barcelona, don't worry, we will come to where you are.

    Why do we do this? Because its during face to face meetings trust is gained, partnerships are build and deals are closed.

    Here below is our travel schedule for the year 2016 with all the fairs and trade shows we will attend. I'm sure some more will be added along the way. Please reach out to me via email or skype if you would like to set up a meeting with us!

    1. Affiliate Summit West (Las Vegas, USA) - January 10-12
    2. London Affiliate Conference (London, UK) - February 4-5
    3. Mobile World Conference (Barcelona, Spain)- February 22-25
    4. Casual Connect (Amsterdam, Netherlands) - February 16-18
    5. The European Summit (Sitges, Spain) - February 29 & March 1
    6. Ad:tech India (New Delhi, India) - March 3-4
    7. Leadscon (Las Vegas, USA) - March 15-17
    8. eShow (Barcelona, Spain) - March 16
    9. Appsworld Germany (Berlin, Germany) - April 20-21
    10. OM Expo (Madrid, Spain) - April 20-21
    11. Appsworld North America (Santa Clara, USA) - May 11-12
    12. Performance Marketing Insights (Amsterdam, Netherlands) - July 4-5
    13. App Promotion Summit (London, UK) - July 7
    14. Affiliate World Europe (Berlin, Germany) - July 18-20
    15. Postback (Seattle, USA) - July 21-22
    16. Affiliate Summit East (New York, USA) - July 31 & August 1-2
    17. GDC Europe (Cologne, Germany) - August 15-16
    18. DM Exco (Cologne, Germany) - September 14-15
    19. AffiliateWorld Asia (Bangkok, Thailand) - December 2016 (TBD)

    We look forward to meeting you at one of these events. Cheers!

    Christoph Brughmans
    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: christoph_brughmans1
  2. Voluum
  3. djfixer

    djfixer Affiliate affiliate

    Hmm... I seem to have missed half of those already. But, I'll plan for a few of the ones that remain so that I can actually grow my network.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2016
  4. Addiliate.com

    Addiliate.com Affiliate affiliate

    Good idea. These fairs at the best way to network face to face with fellow affiliate marketeers.
    Its quite expensive to attend these fairs but the ROI is always positive.
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  5. MarinaKimia

    MarinaKimia Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks Christoph!

    Note: OM Expo (Madrid) is now called "Futurizz", in case your looking for the info for 2016 : Futuriz 2016 | Futurizz.

    Our HQs are in Madrid ;) See you guys there!

    ... and in most, if not all, of these events! Have a good weekend :)

  6. Dilof

    Dilof Affiliate affiliate

    I'll see what I'm doing on the 4-6th of July and see if I can potentially make it to the London event. I'm surprised by the amount of events going on though and if you have more information about what will happen in these events it'd be greatly appreciated.
  7. MarinaKimia

    MarinaKimia Affiliate affiliate

    @Dilof ... and there are many many more... the online marketing industry is very active! :)

    However, not all events have a "general reach" program, some, if not most, have a specific "audience", lets say for example CPI or Apps etc... So depending on what your interested in I do recommend you look at sponsors, speakers, exhibitors and, if possible, the review from last years event, then you get a feel of what to expect and if its what you are really interested in :)